Keith Everett
Truth And Lies

The Lies Of Truth: A Grown Up Conversation

Back in March of 1894, a company called Coca Cola sold its first ever bottle of a soft drink known as coke, a non-addictive substitute for morphine. It was first marketed as a medicine, an elixir by the inventor of coca cola, John Pemberton, a druggist in Columbus, Georgia, in 1886.

The original recipe actually contained a small amount of cocaine. It was considered safe back then in small doses and was a natural additive to medicine. Cocaine is derived from the coca leaf a substance used in the syrup of coca cola. Coca Cola has since denied and use of cocaine in its drink.

Why is this important?

It’s important because many of the things marketed to us as being “normal” or “facts” did in fact turn out to be outright lies. The truth is often very selective and often only selected as the truth when it suits us. Cocaine, considered safe back then would not be considered safe now. Times have changed, so have people’s facts.

For instance

From the 1930’s to the 1950’s, patients were prescribed cigarettes by the doctor, as they weren’t looked at as dangerous as they are now. The cause of this was because tobacco brands hired throat doctors to explain that dust, germs and lack of menthol were to blame when it came to illnesses, not cigarettes.

How Bizarre

The truth is often fed to us through a pack of lies every single day.

Who thought that wars were a good idea ? Even when a side claims to “win”, they still lose. Let’s be honest, wars are started by power hungry stupid people.

Politicians claim to serve the people, yet many of them seem to be serving it up to themselves. Left or Right, it doesn’t really matter, there is a whole bunch of sleaze in there somewhere. Power and money can often make people do and say stupid things.

Now you might call me a cynic, but I’m far from it. you see, life really isn’t like you see on TV. In fact it really isn’t like they teach you in school. It’s more about matching bad moments with good moments and shedding tears of both joy and loss. Life can be a merry-go round of the same old, same old or it can be a wonderful adventure. The truth is, it won’t be decided by the politicians or your school, education, true education doesn’t start till that final school bell rings..

Life really is more like what you see when you walk through an unspoiled forest. Peace is there, you know it’s there, but you just have to find it. If you listen to the narrative, you are expected to get an education, get a career, get married, have 2.5 kids and live a happy life. I would question any narrative voted for by the majority…

The prominent artists, poets, writers, entrepreneurs, the movers and the shakers of the world rarely fit into the world’s opinion of normal.

Stop listening to the bullshitters, those people who we are supposed to trust. Governments, Politicians lie, they do stupid things, Question everything. The truth changes…

Have a great day.


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  • Hi Keith,
    I really enjoyed reading your take on the truth! It is so important for us to understand your sentiments in today’s times. I hope this inspires others to follow the truth and question things regularly, instead of just taking everything verbatim.

  • Wow! Exactly this about the leaders of this world but we as Christians are called to pray for them. That is what I do. One day they will answer to God. That is a promise. I knew that about Coke but not cigarettes! Crazy, glad I quit! I was a Pepsi holic for 20 years lol! Glad that is gone as well!!! I can’t even drink anything carbonated! Thank you for all your information! You deserve to know that you are amazing and I am blessed to be acquainted with you! Happy new year my friend