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The Homeless Man Who Made $2.7 Billion Dollars

You may not have heard of John Paul DeJoria, he is the founder of tequila maker Patrón Spirits Co. and now cofounder of hair care company John Paul Mitchell Systems. Things haven’t always gone his way, as a young man of 22, he slept in his car and sold shampoo door-to-door before he entered the world of hair care as an entry-level employee of Redken Laboratories. He was fired from this position. he then teamed up with Paul Mitchell in1980 and turned a $700 loan into the John Paul Mitchell Company

The $5.1 Billion Dollar Deal

John Paul Dejora was not just homeless once, but twice, he was also homeless with a 2yr old son to care for the first time around. Although life seemed to continue to beat him down, his entrepreneurial spirit never left him. Many years later, he sold Patrón Spirits to Bacardi for a whopping $5.1 Billion Dollars.

I know many people end up down on their luck through no fault of their own and it’s so easy to get into a downward spiral, however, I firmly believe that the universe truly has our back, especially if we ourselves are willing to do whatever it takes to get ourselves of a tailspin and create our own luck.

Fortune And You

Fortune favors the brave, not the meek, and by willing ourselves on to better things followed by constant action, those actions will after time start to pick up speed and attract the things we want.

The John Paul Mitchell Company took a dive in the recent pandemic and lost almost 60% of its sales. People were not going out to hairdressers and as the John Paul Michell brand is a premium hair care brand being sold mainly to hair salons, their business was heading for the buffers, however as with all good business brains, they didn’t panic, they simply adapted and created bigger and better systems to sell to customers.

Thought of the day: Most millionaires or billionaires are nothing special. They are people with the will to win and the Gaul to do whatever it takes. John Paul DeJoria was homeless twice, yet still managed to create a billion-dollar company, marry his beautiful partner, and have six children. There are no limits to what you can achieve if you truly believe in yourself.

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