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it's Ok to not be OK

Why It’s OK To Not Be OK

We seem to be living in a time dominated by selfies and social media. when not being OK seems to be seen as some kind of weakness?.

I can understand why many people are reluctant to share their problems, as the world is full of problems already and anyone with access to a screen (which is near enough anyone), can constantly watch and listen to the TV news or the Twitter scroll of doom.

Most people are too busy living up to other people’s standards..

Social media has made it easy, so, so, easy to pretend. We seem to be living in two worlds, the world we live in and create every day and the world of social media. At one time, it was all about “keeping up with the Joneses”, now it’s about keeping up with everyone else on Social Media. The truth is, none of it really matters.

Why It’s OK To Not Be OK – Spot The Fakes

It’s better to be OK with not being OK than to be a fake. The world is full of fakes. Fake news, fake opportunities, fake people. Genuine people have problems just like everyone else.

Money won’t free you from problems

Being genetically advantageous won’t free you from problems

In fact, the only time you’ll ever be free from problems is when you’re dead. And who wants to be dead?..

The truth is, everyone has problems. It’s OK to not be perfect, it’s OK to not feel well at times, it’s OK to feel scared, it’s OK to be dealing with mental struggles.. The first step is to recognize the problem, then get some help.

Human beings are imperfect creatures. It’s just the way we are.

It doesn’t make you a freak or some weirdo. We are all a little bit broken, it’s just that some people have a better way of concealing it.

When people show things on social media, most of the time they are only showing the good things that happen. This creates a very one-sided view of a person’s life. Although this looks to be the best thing to show to the world, it really is not.

Think of life as a movie.

It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Like any good movie, it’s not all good, it starts off with the struggle, the problem, it then gets to the middle part where the main character starts to overcome the problems and then at the end… that glorious end of VICTORY….

This is not how people show their stories on social media. They miss out the beginning, they often miss out on the middle and end up just showing the VICTORY!!!… FAKE!!!

Victory is really about overcoming struggles. Just like the struggle a lot of people have with NOT being OK. It’s OK to not be OK because this is part of your story. The only movie that really matters is your own movie. YOU are the star of your movie, no one else.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Don’t keep beating yourself up when things don’t go well, punishing yourself won’t get you back on track. It doesn’t matter if 9 things go wrong, as long as the 10th attempt goes right, or the 11th or the 12th. You’ll get there. We all fail at times..

It’s OK to expect more from yourself, it’s how we grow, but don’t punish yourself in the short term

Being good at anything takes work, a lot of it. you have to overcome the bad and the ugly first, to get to the good. You’re not a failure if you struggle, you’re no less than anyone else just because you’re going through a rough patch. Everyone is NOT OK at some time or another, celebs, millionaires, etc.. they’ve all been there..

We are all special in our own way. Every single one of us is dealing with something. We are all entitled to not be OK at times. We are all human, after all, not commodities for social media.

Have a great day.


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