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The Folly of Quick Money and Why Most Entrepreneurs are Wantrepreneurs

A long time ago in an era that time forgot, there was a breed of human beings that was quite extraordinary. The industrial entrepreneur. The Andrew Carnegie’s and the Henry Ford’s of this world.

People actually created things of lasting value. Now fast forward into the 21st century, our great nations produce very little in the way of goods, choosing instead to rely on China and Japan’s entrepreneurs to supply our nations.

Many entrepreneurs of today are looking for much easier ways to create wealth. This is fine (of course) if value pokes it’s head into the process. People love the idea of you supplying a decent service or product that they truly value and want.

The Fast Buck Culture

The problem lies when the herd mentality kicks in and people get seduced into investing in various schemes, then call themselves entrepreneurs as if it is they who are creating the value, the jobs, the infrastructure etc.

There are too many followers in this world and not enough leaders

These people are not entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs get paid to solve people’s problems, not invest in daft schemes that often end up draining your bank account. Let’s be honest, it’s easy to get seduced by fast money. The problem with fast money is it often leaves town.. FAST.

If you are truly an entrepreneur and I really hope you are as every country in the World thrives on the products and services created by entrepreneurs. Ask yourself this question.

“As an entrepreneur, am I working on my business everyday or am I giving more time to relaxing in front of the TV”?. The reason I ask this is that no business in the history of the world ever sprung up and thrived through watching TV. The hours you spend watching game shows, soaps and movies are costing you a fortune.

Quick Money Is For Gamblers

The lottery, betting on horses etc, investing in shady Stockmarket schemes, these are all based on hope. Most people blow their money on these. Bookmakers and Conmen alike love the greedy. With Quick money and no work, it rarely ends well.

Instead of investing in hope. Invest in you. You are your greatest asset. Your uniqueness alone could be what attracts the masses and if you use that personality and you place yourself in front of a hungry crowd and feed that crowd with great products and services.

The World can be your Oyster..

It’s not rocket science. If you are not where you want to be in business, it’s because you haven’t given enough. People who think business is all about them have a fatally floored way of thinking. Business is EVERYTHING about others.

How you do something is how you do everything. In order to attract people you have to like people. In order to attract money you have you exchange value for it. You are quite happy to exchange 40 hours of your precious time each week to an employer but virtually ZERO each week to your future..

Your job is not your future, your job description is only a title, it’s not who you are. It’s a flawed piece of programming that has been drummed into people since early childhood and encouraged by the education curriculum in schools that says you need a job or career to survive.

So, what are you – an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur?. There are many more of the latter than the former in this world. People spend their whole lives thinking about it. Going from scheme to scheme, never creating a thing themselves. Don’t make the same mistake, wanting won’t get the job done.

How much time each day are you seriously putting in as an entrepreneur?.

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