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Artfully Passive Income, How to Get Smart With Art

Art, where would we be without it?. It brightens people’s lives and can also influence our bank accounts, YES, even if, like me you flunked art at school and instead concentrated on the goings on in the girls playground.

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So, how can we use art, artfully?.

First, let’s quickly talk about passive income. I have mentioned it a lot in previous blog posts as I truly believe passive income is one of the biggest and better ways to increase a person’s income. Of course, most passive income methods are not passive at first, as you do have to put the work in, in the early stages.

Maybe you are creating a book, or creating a design for a T-Shirt on Amazon, you do have to do some initial work to create the item, you may also have to add some marketing into the mix, but after a fairly short while, the item could be selling and making you money while you sleep. This is a dream for many people, however it isn’t too hard to make it a reality.

Most people can do this, it’s not that hard. There are many videos on YouTube showing you how you can create print on demand products and sell them.

Passive Income Using Art

Creating a design for a T-Shirt or a coffee mug can be as easy as contacting a designer on Fiverr. This can cost anything from $5 to $20 depending on who you use. If you are solely selling on Amazon, you can apply for an account with Amazon Merch on Demand. If you get an account with them they will print and despatch your items, they can even send them by Amazon Prime if your customer has it.

However, if you want to sell on Etsy, eBay or even through your own store on Shopify, You will need a print on demand printer who will print those designs on to products and ship them for you. I tend to use Printify. You simply link Prinify to your store using simple integration. It takes a couple of minutes once you have set up your store.

The next step is up to you.

You can either do it part-time or aim for a full time income. You can start very part time, with one design. This is how I started. You can print your design on to a T-shirt, and maybe a white and a black coffee mug, this gives you three products to sell in your shop. If you do this with 33 designs, you will have a store with 99 products.

Now, this is where it gets exciting. Once you’ve done the designs and you’ve got the products in store, it’s fairly passive from here on. Yes, you can do some marketing, you can even send ads to your products. However, most of the heavy lifting work is done.

Some of my colleagues are selling huge quantities of mugs and T-shirts per day. It takes a while to build up and you may not make a single sale in the first 3 months or so… however, when the rubber does finally hit the road and you get going, you have created your very own work from home art industry.

The formula is:

  1. Create the design. Or get it done on Fiverr
  2. Add the designs to mockups (photos) of t-shirts and mugs and add them to your store
  3. Once you sell a product the order goes to the Print on Demand printer and they ship it.
  4. You collect the difference between the retail price and the wholesale cost to your printer, less some fees to your store provider (Etsy, Amazon & eBay).

BOOM, But What If You Can

Let’s say you create a 100 listings (products). If each sale NETS you $4 and you only sell 100 items per month, that’s an extra $400 a month. OK, it’s not a fortune, but who doesn’t need an extra $400 a month?.

Some Etsy sellers are selling in excess of 100 items per day (not me, I’m new to this), that income could be in the region of $10,000 a month. Maybe it might take you a year or two to do that, wouldn’t it be worth it?

I’m not saying everyone will make make a lot of money creating designs and selling them online, many people fail at this, however, you don’t HAVE to fail at it. If you truly want passive income, maybe it’s time to stop selling your time per hour, a job is OK, it pays the bills, but it’s hard to find a rich employee. Most of them are burnt out at 50.

I’ve written several books on how to create passive income I haven’t written a book on Etsy yet as I’m still new to it, (around 6 weeks in as of writing this post), however feel free to email me if you have questions and while you are here, why not follow my shop on Etsy

Have a great day.