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How To Make A Sh*t Load Of Money Legally Stealing Art

Ok, I promise you this doesn’t involve doing anything dodgy or illegal like breaking into art galleries and running off with classic artworks while you and your accomplice sing “we’re in the money, we’re in the money”

Noooooo Officer.., we are talking about legally making money here without breaking any laws, not even copyright laws… Read on.. It does however involve a very simple way of making money without having a single ounce of artistic talent.

You are simply repurposing art legally and selling it…

Here is a video explaining the whole process

Selling art online can be very profitable, some sellers on Etsy are earning over $9000 a month from doing this. You can add the artwork to create your own posters and use the Print On Demand method from companies such as Prinitfy to create and ship your product

Prinitfy will create the poster (see below) from your design (the artwork) and ship it to your customer. Your profit is the difference between the retail price you charge and the fees you incur with Printify & Etsy.

Here is a YouTube short from Sarah Chrisp also explaining the process.

Creating a successful online business needn’t be complicated. It does require some work though and having the tenacity to stick at it and see it through, especially in the beginning. Many people start to give up if they aren’t making money in the first few months, in truth, even a simple business like reselling art takes work and time.

Plus a little bit of starting capital…

Selling print on demand products online really is a great way of creating an income, you can do it part time or given time, can even make it your full time income. I run two print on demand businesses myself, one on Etsy creating designs for Tees, sweats and mugs and another creating books on Amazon.

And Finally

If you compare the cost of starting a brick and mortar business with starting an online business, the online model is far less expense. In fact, if you compare the print on demand business with other online businesses, not only can it be less expensive to start, the risk factors are far less, as you don’t need to spend anything on stock.

What really determines your success in any online business, however, is your ability to attract customers (traffic). With sites like Etsy and Amazon, the traffic is already there and it’s buyer traffic (not just browsing traffic). Initially it may be a good move to invest in some paid ads to boost your sales, especially if you are brand new to the platform.

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m fairly new to Etsy myself, it’s only been a short while and already i’m starting to see sales. It’s not a gusher, more like a small trickle, but it’s early days. Have patience, it takes time to get established and to see significant sales.

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