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Money Mind Crush – The Story of Two Bank Accounts

Many people live desperate, unfulfilled lives.

It’s a bit like a long-drawn-out movie. The saga of making money for some is an epic production of uphill struggles.

For others, it seems a much shorter production. They seem to be the “lucky” ones, the people who just have it all worked out and their whole life just seems to be about having lots of money and having fun.

Being broke and remaining broke are two different things. We can all be broke at times, but to remain broke, that’s avoidable.

How?, by raising your standards. Everything that is possible, is possible by you. There is no “them and us”, there are just people who think and people who think better.

The Bank Account Story

Most people have a bank account, but really we all have two. There is your physical bank account and your emotional bank account. The emotional bank account is the one that’s linked to how you think and grows in size in sync with the size of your thinking.

How you view yourself is everything. Not only does it affect how people view you but it affects the size of your bank account. How you currently think is affecting all aspects of your life including the size of your bank account. Your bank account represents the size of your thinking.

You can’t attract more money if your mindset is still as low as your bank account.

You stretch your mind and make more money by already believing it’s yours, and acting accordingly. At the beginning of this post we were talking about people who seem to have it all, you may have been wondering why this isn’t you?.

It’s because people with large bank accounts have bigger emotional bank accounts. They see things on a grander scale, they update their peer group and concentrate on the things they want by imagining they already have them. They NEVER, ever concentrate on what they DON’T have..

Concentrating on what you don’t have, ALWAYS brings more of the same into your life, why? We have two minds, the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious is what we use to think with. The Subconscious is the all-powerful mind that keeps the body functioning properly and surveys and guides us in everything in our inner and outer world.

Why You Attract Good or Bad Things

The conscious mind is like the top of an iceberg poking out of the water. Our subconscious mind is like the underbelly of the iceberg. It’s many times more powerful.

When you keep seeing things in your life going wrong and you keep concentrating on them, your subconscious sees this as a normal pattern and attempts to steer you in the direction of more of the same. Of course, it works in reverse, if you concentrate on good things, or better still, think you already have them, the subconscious mind sees this as a normal pattern and brings you more of it.

The subconscious only responds to commands, it doesn’t know what is real or what isn’t. This is why people who lean towards the positive seem to have better luck than those who constantly think negatively. It’s not luck, it’s simply the subconscious delivering on your thoughts.

In order to move forward and create more cashflow. Take the following steps.

  1. Improve your emotional bank account. You can’t become a millionaire thinking like someone who is broke. Upgrade your thinking, think as if you already have it. Your subconscious will think this is normal and will attract more into your life.
  2. Stop concentrating on what is wrong and start concentrating on finding a solution. You can’t improve by thinking the same thoughts that got you where you are.
  3. Upgrade your standards. Upgrade your peer group. Keep your distance from negative influences.

I hope you found this post useful. Keep working on yourself, life is too short to spend it just paying bills and struggling through. If you found this post useful, please do leave a comment below and share it, that would be very helpful.

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