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The Strange Story Of The One Armed Millionaire

Mark Van Stratum was just an ordinary kid from Portugal until he lost an arm in a train accident at the age of just 5yrs old. As a kid he was bullied mercilessly at school, he was treated like a freak and his confidence hit the floor. This was made even worse when at just 12 years old, his mum and dad split up and his dad left the family home.

In his early 20’s Mark became a criminal and took part in robbery and drug dealing. He also became an addict himself. After getting caught, he spend several years behind bars and realised his life was going absolutely “nowhere”.

This was a turning point for Mark

In prison, Mark became an avid reader and writer, and upon release he had in his mind to write his memoirs, but he got side-tracked (as you do) and became a dating coach instead. His motto was “If you change your behaviour, you’ll change your results” and this has turned out to be a remarkable motivating quote, as his behaviour did rapidly change, pouring scorn on that old saying “a leopard never changes its spots”

The One-Armed Millionaire – Why Some People Succeed And Others Don’t

After turning his life around and reaching millionaire status, Mark decided to write a book about his life story and how you can overcome anything if you are determined enough. That last sentence is really the key because if you want something bad enough, you’ll get it.

It’s not outside circumstances that stop us, it’s our inside circumstances. Mark is a great example how even losing an arm and spending hard times in prison couldn’t stop him. His book “Drug of Choice” came out in 2017 and is based on his life story.

Mark has gone on to make millions of dollars from starting several successful companies. Not everything he touched turned to gold, but he just kept on trying.

Life Is What You Make It

From a boy missing an arm and being being mercilessly bullied at school, to drug taking, drug dealing and robbery, he ended up in prison. From prison he became a dating coach, meeting, dating beautiful women and teaching guys how to meet them. From there he went on to affiliate marketing and to writing books. Many people would have given up at the first hurdle and spent the rest of their life blaming how “bad life is”.

The truth is, life is what you make it. You can spend every day moaning about your hard luck or you can just get on with it and make the best of it. TRUE successful people have “grit”, some may call it “gumption, it’s not something you can put your finger on, it’s that inner magic that makes you “unstoppable”.

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