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Time Management Skills, How To Be A Time WIZARD And Squeeze More From Your Day

Time management skills . I know time management is about as interesting as watching paint dry, but if you get this right, your day could look a whole lot more exciting. Time, If only we had more. Believe it or not, even though we may live till 70, 80 or even 90, we do actually waste a lot of our time.

Let’s look at an average routine.

Sleep for 7 or 8 hours. Wake up to the alarm, wash, coffee or tea, maybe breakfast, off to work. come back from work, evening meal, TV bed.

We mostly do the same things over and over. We program ourselves to follow a set routine, but when something comes into our lives like a new interest, be that a person, a new opportunity or perhaps even a new hobby, it messes with our routine.

Here’s the thing. We can ALL do more. It’s just that most people are sh*t at planning.

How To Be A Time Wizard

If you’ve ever wondered how some people are absolute geniuses as “doing stuff” it’s nearly always because they add a much “better structure” to their day. This is how you improve 1as much as 100% without too much effort.

Step 1. In the evening, write out your plans/goals for the next day, starting with the most difficult first. Get the most difficult problem/goal out of the way first as once this is done, the rest of the day will get easier. Use a planner to keep a structured record.

Step 2. Don’t give yourself an unlimited time to finish a goal. Box out a period of time and stick to it. If you are writing a book and you can write 1000 words in a two hour timebox, you will have a complete 30,000 word book in 30 days. If you just write when you feel like it, this same book could take months.

Step 3. Carry a To-Do list with you at all times. If you structure your day on paper, you are more likely to stick to it. Don’t create goal lists on the computer, there is a much more likelihood of you following the plan if you’ve made the effort to write it all out on paper.

Step 4. Gradually fade out habits that are not serving you. The average American watches 3hrs and 29 minutes of TV a day. That’s around 24hrs a week. Think what you could do with that extra 24hrs a week?. That’s around 50 days a year of your life given over to the gogglebox. Although some TV is fairly educational, most of it is just chewing gum for the eyes.

Pump Up your Time – Pump Up your Life

Time is the most valuable commodity you can have. When time is running out and you’re gasping for your last breath, you may well wish that you had more. You can always improve your day and get more done if you add structure to the things you do, instead of just leaving things to happen, MAKE them happen. Squeeze more out of your day by creating tasks on paper and sticking to them, boxing off time to complete them .

Plan each day the night before.

You days will start to expand as you get more done.

Even if you work for a boss 5 or 6 days a week, you can always find more time to do other things. It’s all in the planning. Use planners and to-do lists to keep track of everything you do.

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