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Playing Games You Cannot Lose

We didn’t lose the game, we just ran out of time

Vince Lombardi – American Football Coach

I think everyone has a talent, you may not know exactly what yours is yet, but people tend to discover their talent at some stage in their life. Some “get it” in their teens or even before, whilst others may not find their “thing” until much later in life..

We are all “a fish out of water” at some stage during our life. We often get horribly “stuck” and life seems like it won’t ever get better, but of course, it does, and if we stop feeling sorry for ourselves, we can map out a better future by being more positive and pr0-active, instead of reactive to all the gloom and doom that surrounds us. This is where we need to start appreciating ourselves more and starting to look for “games we cannot lose”.

There is always something we can do to ignite the “spark”. We just have to look within and ask ourselves this question.

“Looking at my life right now, in this moment, am I doing what I really love“? Is everyday fulfilling or is it at least a step in the right direction to being fulfilled”?

Am I living my dream?”… notice I say “my dream”

If not, choose a different game..

So, what are these mystical games?

Put simply. They are NOT the games we must win, they are the games we MUST not lose. There is a huge difference here.

Let me ask you a question here

Would you rather gain a child or lose a child?

I know, horrific question, but NO one wants to lose a child. you would do whatever it takes to NOT lose that child. But, what about gaining one. Would the effort be the same?. Probably not..

Playing a game you cannot lose means playing a game you MUST not lose..

Most people would like to be millionaires, but MOST people won’t do what it takes to be one. When you switch your way of thinking to “I must not lose”, your brain will reframe almost everything you do.

Why is this important?.

If winning is essential to the fabric of your being, you cannot lose. People who lose at anything do so because they tend to give up…. that tells you how important it was in the first place. Everything to be gained comes from not allowing yourself to lose.

If your life DEPENDED on you becoming a millionaire, the chances are you would MAKE yourself become one. If it was simply a WISH…. well, I think you know the answer to that.

So, choose a game you can win. If you want to be a writer and you can’t write. Either learn to write or don’t try to become a writer. If you want to earn a $1000 a day, stop behaving like you do when you earn $100 a day. Most things are simple. Apply logic to simplicity and never let go until you win and you’ve got a winning game.

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