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Manifesting Money – The Amazing Story Of The Woman Who Won Nearly Every Competition She Entered.

“Select it, project it, expect it, collect it.”

Helene Hadsell

Back in the 1950’s there was an activity known as “contesting”, in which many people would dedicate their entire time and effort towards winning contests. These contests appeared in newspapers, magazines and on many of the household items you would buy in shops.

The usual routine would be to submit as many entries as possible hoping that one of them would win a prize. Most of the competitions at the time would be something like “In 25 words or less, tell us why XXXXX is the best product for XXXX“. She started entering contest for fun in 1948 and for the first few years, Helene won very little, in fact, it was only when she took a correspondence course in “contesting” that she started to see results.

She learned that contest judges were, as she said in an interview a few years later, “looking for something different, they were often looking for specific phrases and humor. She said “I’d say humor has won for me more than anything”.

The Queen Of The Contest

By 1957, the family was starting to win contests more frequently, including the Hadsells’ six-year-old son who won some toy guns for naming a pony. In 1959, Hadsell told a local newspaper columnist that she had just won an electric food mixer for coming up with a name for a new kind of cake, and that she had won two other mixers in contests during the preceding year.

In 1963 Hadsell had been selected as president of her local Dallas contesting club. By early 1964, the family had won various prizes, from a lawnmower to a trip to Disneyland. In 1964 the formica corporation created a contest to win a house. There were 1.5 million entries and Hadsell was selected as the winner.

By this time, Hadsell was known as the “Contest Queen of America” Was it just luck or did Helene Hadsell have a “system”? Well, apart from taking a correspondence course in “contesting” Helene was a great follower of Norman Vincent Peale’s book “The Power Of Positive Thinking”.

Mind Control

In 1967, Hadsell sponsored a seminar on mind control in Dallas and in 1970, she became the editor of The Mind Control Newsletter and had attended a conference on parapsychology in France.

In 1971, she authored the book The Name It and Claim It Game, which gave some of her hints for how to win contests, and it also delved into her philosophy of “believe you can win and you will”

Helene Hadsell passed away at age 86 in 2010. By the time she died she had won thousands of dollars in prizes including a house. A little bit of luck goes a long way but with Hadsell it was more than luck. She said that she “expected to win”, she often visualised herself winning and overall, she was a winner. Probably one of, if not the worlds most prolific contest winner.

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