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The Winners Circle, How To Achieve Almost Anything With “High End” Thinking

You’ve heard the old saying “First impressions count“. If you turn up to a job interview wearing a heap of rags, you probably won’t get the job, we all know that. But many people show up in their everyday lives thinking like a heap of rags, and not many people really understand the damage they are doing to themselves..

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to always get what they want no matter what. There is almost an air of certainty about them. It’s not arrogance, it is having the confidence to not only relentlessly go-after something, but to also be sure that you will definitely get it.

High Level And Low Level Thinking

This is the difference between High Level, and Low Level thinking.

A 2020 study suggested people typically have more than 6,000 thoughts per day. Most people’s thoughts are more negative than positive, although of course all positive people do have some negative thoughts and vice-versa. It’s not how many thoughts you have, it’s how many of those thoughts are contributing to a better life and how many are detracting.

Unfortunately for many people, they still do not realise the power that thoughts have. All things we have in our lives come through the power of attraction, things just don’t appear. Thoughts are the main attractors, and even though they are invisible, they still have the power to bring into life the physical.

As we are all energy, we are all transmitting and receiving signals throughout the day. These signals are vibrations that attract like-minded vibrations. Negative people tend to attract other negative people and negative situations. Positive people tend to attract positive people and positive situations. Although it is a science, it’s not rocket science to see that low level thoughts attract low level things into our lives.

We are either constantly attracting good or bad things into our lives, most people never understand why.

How To Be Successful – The Attraction Of Certainty

Strangely enough, we all crave some sort of certainty. I say “strangely enough” because although we actually have the power to create certainty, we only use it for certain things. For instance, we will do anything for the certainty of a safe home or the certainty of safety for our kids, however we forget about this power when it comes to attaining other things such as material things like money.

How Do You Create The Certainty Of Money?

Money is just energy, like anything else. It’s not something to be admired or looked up to. Although people with the ability to make a lot of money from scratch do tend to be admired and looked up to.

Money, in itself is not the problem. It’s a person’s attitude towards it. If you think you will never have enough, I have news for you, YOU WON’T. This is simply because your dominating thoughts are telling the universe that “you will never have enough”.

Whatever you keep on repeat, over and over again will eventually come to pass. you don’t start with convincing the universe, you start by convincing yourself. The average person thinks all over the place. They never concentrate on any one thing long enough to get it.

How To Reach Out For Things So Far Out Of Reach

Anything you can TRULY believe in, you can have. Just take a look at hypochondriacs. They worry excessively about becoming ill, even if there are no physical symptoms. What eventually happens?. they actually do become ill. Let me give you a non-medical example of high level thinking

The famous four-minute mile, up until 1954, NO-ONE had achieved this. It is the completion of a mile run (1609 m) in four minutes or less. It was first achieved in 1954 by Roger Bannister, at age 25, in 3:59.4. As of April 2021, the “four-minute barrier” has been broken by 1,663 athletes, and is now a standard of professional middle distance runners in several cultures.

Can you see?. Until Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile record, others did not believe it could be done. Once Roger Bannister did it, 1,663 other athletes went on and did it.

The Power Of The Mind

Yes, we would like things, but most things seem a very long way off, or totally outside of our reach so we never see the same kind of “certainty” that we do with keeping our kids safe or having a safe living environment.

In other words, we only use the power of certainty to keep us safe. Nothing else. This stems back to the days when wild creatures roamed the earth and a person’s entire life was really keeping them and their family safe.

The “Trick” to getting anything you want is to attract it over and over in your mind first. I do this by calming myself and my mind down through relaxation, I turn off all distractions, I close my eyes talking myself through a scenario of me appearing in a sequence of events. I imagine myself getting whatever I want through a sequence of imagination. I use all the 5 senses to make everything in my mind “real” to me.

After doing this over and over, daily, you will start to “feel” this coming into your life. It could be a sign, an opportunity or it could just be the “thing” itself. You bring into existence the things you attract through the right vibrations, thoughts and affirmations. It’s not any one thing, it’s a combination of several things. Higher level thinking will get you anything you want if it’s obtainable.

Life Is A Bit Like Playing Darts

Let me give you another example of high level thought. DARTS!.. .with darts, there are basically two major levels. There is the pub dart player and then there is the super-league of dart players.

When you learn to play darts. Some people will pick at it and shoot a few darts now and again until they become relatively good. The potential super league player will do this:

1st. They will learn how to throw a dart at a dartboard.

Next, they will keep throwing darts at a dartboard until they can hit the bullseye

Next, they will keep throwing darts at a dartboard until they can hit the bullseye as many times as they want.

In other words. YOU make yourself highly skilled. You believe you can hit that bullseye as many times as you want. YOU believe you can enter the Super League, YOU believe you can WIN the Super League. You do all this on believing before seeing. Most people operate the other way around, they want to see BEFORE believing. “I’ll believe it when I see it” is a common mantra.

So, There You Have It

#1. Always believe it before you actually see it. Not the other way around

#2. You have 6000 thoughts a day. What exactly are you attracting with them each and every day?

#3. Relax, concentrate, imagine, feel, see the very thing you want over and over until you get it.

#4. Be very aware that it’s not outside circumstances that are creating your life. It is your inner circumstances. You are attracting things into your life via your thoughts, good or bad.

#5. High Level thinking can get you anything you want. If it’s possible, you can get it.

I hope you got value from this post. If you did, give it a share or drop a comment below. If you want further reading on high level thinking and attraction, check out this book.

Have a great life


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