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7 Ways To Make People Respect You Immediately

Not getting the respect you want?. Take a look at each of these 7 ways to get respect and see if you are falling down on any or all of them.

No 1 Respect yourself. People tend to respect those who respect themselves.

If you find yourself lacking respect, check how you appear to others. Do you walk with a spring in your step, chin up and confident or are you looking down at the floor when you walk? Would you invite YOU into your house?. Are you spot on with your hygiene or do your teeth look stained?. Is your breath fresh?

First impressions are everything, people make their mind up in millisecond on how they view you. Make a good first impression, be a person who commands respect and looks the world straight in the eye.

No 2 Speak Well. Although swearing (cursing) may sound OK in the movies, it is often frowned upon by others if you are constantly using it in your conversations. People start to wonder if you are educated enough to be able to get your point across without using swear words. Swearing can also put people on guard as it often comes across as being aggressive.

Aggressive behaviour will never get you the right kind of respect. Speak clearly, don’t use over complicated words to make a point, you won’t win people over by confusion. Keep it simple and keep the others person’s view in mind. There are often two sides to a story, Speak positively, don’t try to dominate a conversation, let the other person have their say.

Get The Respect You Deserve

No 3 Let actions speak louder than words. Speaking well is one thing toward getting respect, but actually taking action is much better. The world is full of people who talk a good game, but seriously lacking in people who take action on their words.

Be a person of action. Don’t be afraid to fail as this is often part of the process toward any goal. Let people see you as someone who stands up and does what he or she says. The world respects action takers and especially those who overcome adversity on the way to their goals.

It’s A Little Bit Funny

No 4 Have a sense of humor. People love people who can make them laugh. If you can weave humor into your conversations with people, you will not only get people’s attention but you will peak their interest and gain respect too.

I’m not talking about poking fun at them, I’m talking about making their interaction with you as enjoyable as possible. Give them a chance to be funny too.

If you speak to someone for 15 minutes, the difference to the end result can be as different as chalk and cheese if you just add some humor. You want people to enjoy their experience of talking with you, mix up the conversation, change your tone every now and again by raising and sometimes lowering your tone of speech. The idea is to keep them engaged, humor will help

No 5 Respect Others. You can’t expect people to respect you if you don’t respect others. Every single human being on this earth has a right to be respected. Not everyone will think or talk like you, however, this doesn’t make you right and them wrong.

How many times have people on this earth used politics or religion to create division?. We can only expect respect when we give it. No one respects disrespectful people.

No 6. Say what you mean. Be Honest. No one likes a liar. You can’t trust them, and if you can’t trust them, you can’t respect them either. Once you’ve been caught lying, people won’t believe anything you say. You’re better off not saying anything than lying.

Honesty is a good quality to have. If you are transparent and believable, people respect that. Look what happens in politics when politicians are caught lying. People lose interest in them and will rarely vote for them again.

People might not always like what you say, but if it’s the truth, at least people will appreciate your honesty.

Being Reliable

No 7. Do what you say. There is nothing more frustrating than being let down by people who say one thing and do another. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Every time you change your mind you are registering as being more unreliable in the mind of the person you’re letting down.

People don’t respect people who keep changing their mind. If you make a decision, stick to it. Treat people how you would like to be treated. Do, what you say.

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