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the art of being mysterious

The Art Of Being Mysterious, How To Tap In To Your Mysterious Self

Being predictable. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? – Read on..

Mysterious Quotes

  • “I never tell anyone exactly how clever I am. …
  • “We need the tonic of wildness… …
  • “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. …
  • “Quiet people always know more than they seem. …
  • “You have only seen the least of what I can do.” …
  • “It’s the unknown that draws people.”

How To Tap In To Your Mysterious Self

Let me ask you a question and PLEASE answer this honestly:

Would you consider yourself predictable? Are you easy to read? OR, are you a complete mystery, a person who lives life by their own rules and does NOT live the life of an “open book”?

Maybe you’re half and half, a cross between semi & skimmed, or white bread and wholemeal.

Why is this important?


I’m going to be completely blunt here (as usual), but I think one of the biggest mistakes a married couple make is to confuse reliability in a partner with predictability. We all know that approximately 50% of married couples end up divorcing, this could be for several reasons of course but I’m pretty sure that people in the main, just get fed up with each other. Predictability kicks in and BOOM!!!

A predictable person can become boring over time. Each and every one of us has the power to reach inside and produce our mysterious self. We are all different, yet with years of programming from society we strive to be alike. Alike feels safe and social. UNPREDICTABILITY?, isn’t that for the mavericks of the world, the weirdos?

If we are unpredictable, won’t people stop liking us?.

Some people are described as being Enigmatic, an “Enigma”, but what does this mean?

Enigma comes from a Greek word that means “to speak in riddles.” It applies to things, as well as to people, that puzzle one’s mind. Egypt’s ancient pyramids and quantum mechanics, for example, might be described as enigmas, as well as physicist Stephen Hawking. In these uses, the word’s meaning is a figurative extension of the original “riddle” sense.

I remember listening to a beautiful 18yr old girl I got to know whilst working in “a job”, she had an “aura” about her that made he very desirable. She kept quoting me her mysterious aunt.

Her aunt would say

  1. “Always keep something back in reserve”,
  2. “Never give the whole story and never let people know everything about you”.
  3. “Always keep people wanting more”. It seemed to work well for her (the aunt) as she was the top brass in a hugely successful PR company and had a seemingly happy family life with three beautiful daughters and a partner of over 20 years.

You Are More

Everyone has more to offer. People tend to use only around 10% of their actual brain’s capability. We are often exceptional people living life in the disguise of an ordinary person. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being ordinary or predictable, but many of us are living a double life. The life we are living and the life we really want to live.

If you really want to break out from the norm, break out from yourself, be less predictable, surprise yourself by surprising others. Change things up, don’t stick to the same old places, vacation somewhere different, see more of the world. Take up a new hobby, start that business you’ve been wanting to start, mix things up at home a bit, surprise your other half now and again by organising a date night, change your job, start a new career.. the list is endless..

Don’t tell everyone your life story on Social Media. You’ll eventually run out of story and end up resulting to bullsh*t. And Finally

Always remember this. People want what they can’t have. People are more attracted to the unobtainable and the mysterious than they are to the normal. The normal is freely available, it’s like white sliced bread, boring but part of the staple diet. Enigmatic people are rare. The more of a riddle you become, the more attractive you become, people love to solve riddles, let yourself go, and be one…

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