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Who’s Got My Money?, Millionaire Concepts By Grant Cardone

The following post is based on Grant Cardone’s “Millionaire Booklet”, you can get a free copy (Plus S+H) from

Just in case you have no idea who Grant Cardone is, he’s a self-made millionaire who started out with no money, no connections and no fancy education. He has created businesses which currently have sales of over a $100 Million Dollars a year.

Why did I choose to write about Grant’s Millionaire Booklet. That’s a good question. I’ve read on average around 30 self-help books a year for the past 35 years, and of the 1000+ books I’ve had the pleasure to read, this is one of the smartest. It’s only tiny, it has just 44 pages but contains a lot of great exclusive information that you won’t find in other books.

Step 1. Getting Rich Is Not A Fantasy

People who want to get rich can often be perceived as “greedy”. The education system will do its best to teach you to get a job and pass tests but it will not teach you to become an entrepreneur. This only comes through self-education. 80% of all millionaires today come from “new money”, that means they don’t have any inheritance from rich relatives, many of them do not even have a good “education”.

Very few people even know how to get money, even fewer know how to keep it, and almost no one knows how to multiply it

Most debt is bad, but not all debt. Many people will purchase items that self-depreciate over time using credit card debt or bank loans as the vehicle. Not only are you buying depreciating assets, you are also adding to your debt by paying interest for the pleasure. Most Americans spend their lives borderline broke servicing debt for houses, Cars, TV’s, Holidays etc.

Is it any wonder that most people’s plan for financial wealth (if they have one at all) is winning the Lottery?

The first step to becoming rich is to

decide to be rich, then lose your “middle class mind”. What do I mean by this?

You must lose your small, defensive, take-no-risk thinking. It has never been easier to get rich, but it is still impossible if you don’t change your mind. There is so much money in the world today and so many ways to create wealth, but it will not happen if you settle.

A million dollars isn’t what it used to be. People who have a million dollars in assets and cash are not even considered rich anymore. You need multiple millions to become (and stay) rich these days.

Step 2. Millionaire Math

Most people earn a million dollars over a lifetime. If you earn $50,000 a year, you will earn a Million dollars in 20 years. The problem is most people spend close to all they earn just having to live. Life is expensive, working for dollars per hour will always depend on your ability to keep getting up in the morning and going to work for 50 years (or more).

Human beings tend to live for today. Many do not have any savings at all, or even a rainy day or emergency fund. If the boiler breaks down or the car’s engine has a meltdown, credit cards are often the solution. As we said earlier, there is good and bad credit, using credit for depreciating assets is just not sound financial management.

You do, therefore have to create a stream, or streams of income that aren’t solely dependant on your ability to get up and go to work. You are more likely to succeed with your millionaire goals if your income is based on a 24/7 market place. The world is just topping out at 8 Billion people (2022), you need to capture a share of this audience, seek to earn money 24 hours a day and ask this question:

Who’s Got My Money?

Not everyone in the world is going to want to buy what you have. Whatever you are selling (and we are all selling something), you need to find out “Who’s got my money” and seek these people out.

Becoming a millionaire is just a series of math calculations.

If the product you are selling retails for $100, then you need 10,000 people to buy it

If the product you are selling retails for $500, then you need just 2,000 people to buy it.

Create your product, find out who’s got your money and target those people.

Step 3. Stay Broke

This might sound like a paradox, but staying broke (whilst earning more money) is a better way to create financial wealth. The problem usually lies in the fact that many people overspend. Money is a great thing to have and for many people they can’t spend it quickly enough.

Even when they get a raise, they live up to that increased money coming into the house. They upgrade everything with every raise. Upgrade the car, the holiday, the house?.. this really is the route to the poorhouse, and why most people never become wealthy, getting rich is all about earning more money but not upgrading your lifestyle (yet).

You invest the new funds into your business. This is the magic tree that grows the money (not the lottery). Any spare funds you have, you invest. Millionaires are always investing. Their money works for them, not the other way around.

Money doesn’t sleep – but it does get bored

Step 4. Invest In Yourself

Never stop learning. New skills can bring you in income right up until you are 90 years of age if you learn the right skills. Learn skills that will bring you in money time and time again without having to spend 50 years of your life laboring at work.

If you are physically tired of working the treadmill day in and day out, new skills can be learned to gradually wean you off of working for dollars per hour. Instead, let money work for you.

What skills should you invest in?

This will depend greatly on the business vehicle you choose to go with. I chose publishing, so I invested a $1000 of my hard earned money in a self-publishing course, this has paid off for me as I now earn a full time income from publishing without even leaving my front door. You might choose any of the multitude of online opportunities there are out there to earn a residual income.

Grant Cardone has made millions from property deals, and selling high ticket courses online. Invest in your education, don’t be scared to put your money out there. Money makes money but if you are broke, find ways to make money online with little or no money. READ HERE: “7 Ways To Make More Money In 2022

Step 5. Multiple Streams Of Income

The most common mistake people make when trying to make multiple streams of income is walking away from the first one. There is a common thread going around on the internet that “Most millionaires have at least 7 streams of income”

This may or may not be true but it certainly doesn’t apply to day 1. The best way to succeed at anything is to give it 100%. You can’t give anything 100% if you are spinning multiple plates all at the same time.

Mistake No.2 is creating multiple streams of income not related to each other. This is a mistake often carried out by beginner entrepreneurs. They start a multitude of unrelated businesses hoping for at least one of them to work. This is a scattergun approach based on “if you throw enough mud, some will stick”

This is not a very good way to approach making money. You would be far better off with a sensible plan and concentrating on one element of your business to start with. Get good at that, get it earning you some income, then think of a related income stream that will also create more customers for the original income stream.

For example.

If you decide to sell mens ties online. Why not sell mens shirts too. Some of the people who buy the shirts will also want a tie. You are now using income stream No. 2 to create more customers for income stream 1.


I could literally go on for hours talking about this subject. If you would like an insight into my latest books, click here for further details.

Becoming a millionaire is not a fantasy. Begin by believing it’s not only possible, but possible for you.

Find out who’s got your money. Do some research, find a product you can sell (or make one yourself) and find out who will buy it.

Learn the math. See how many items you need to sell in order to reach a Million Dollars in sales and find a way to do it.

Stay Broke. don’t keep upgrading your lifestyle with every rise in income. Live below your means and save and invest the difference.

Invest In yourself. You spend money to make money. always be learning something new. Learn the skills you will need to create the goods you will sell, to make you a million.

Multiple streams of income. You start with one stream, get good at that, at first it will be a drip but it is your goal to create a flood. Once you have mastered this, find another related stream of income to create more money, but also use it to create more sales for your original income stream.

I hope you got some value from this post. If you did, don’t forget to share it and leave a comment below. Also, don’t forget to pick up Grant’s booklet “The Millionaire Booklet“, there is a lot more information in it than I’ve mentioned here.

Have a great day


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