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The Simple No-Fail Formula. 7 Tips To Make You Unstoppable

This post certainly won’t make me any more popular, I didn’t write it to be liked or loved, but I care enough about you to hopefully give you some cutting-edge advice that not many marketers volunteer…. mainly because it’s just not sexy.

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This isn’t a post for lazy people.

My God, there are plenty of those about. People wan’t “STUFF” without putting the work in, they almost demand that the universe bends to their will without offering much in return. This is a broke man’s (or woman’s) attitude.

OK, are you ready?.

Here are 7 tips to make you absolutely unbeatable in anything. People allow themselves to be stopped by simply giving in too soon or the thing they want is merely a wish…

Wishing is fantasy…

Tip 1. The world owes you NOTHING. If you want to experience all the world has to offer, a better life, great relationships, great health, more money, more travel, etc, etc. You have to STEP-UP from how you behave right now. You can’t get more of anything by being the same. People who try to get more by either staying the same or even giving less, end up in JAIL.

Life can be Shi**y. It’s hard. People are scraping the barrel just to get by. This life of being ordinary is not something to aspire to, you weren’t born to just “fit in” and get by. Look at yourself today and look at what you do. Now DOUBLE it… you are capable of so much more…


OK, I hear you. “I can’t work more hours”i’m working my ASS off already?. Yes, and where is it getting you? Is this really the smartest way to get what you want?

Answer: NO, if it was, you wouldn’t be reading this. No one owes you a thing, if you’re blaming the government or anyone else, STOP THAT right now. this is destructive thinking. The government won’t bail you out, only you can do that.

Tip 2. Work Smart. OK, you hear this all the time from online marketers but very few people will take the time to explain what it means. In as few words as possible, if you are still struggling to pay the bills and you are not happy with your life, the chances are, you’re NOT working smart.

Let me explain…

Money affects all parts of our lives. It affects relationships, it affects health and it definitely affects most of the quality aspects of our life. After all, if money was as UNIMPORTANT as many people say, why would people go to work for someone else for 50 years of their lives and do 40 or 50 hours a week to work ? This just builds your boss’s dream, surely not yours…

WAAAAY back when you were young… did you dream about working for 40/50hrs a week for 50years? I bet you didn’t.

A job won’t make you rich, it will just keep you Just Over Broke (J.O.B). Workers work just enough to stop them from getting fired and bosses pay you just enough to keep you working for them.

Working smart is building a parallel life alongside your existing one so that life No2 will eventually take over and give you everything you want. If you are currently working a job, you create a side hustle alongside it, you don’t touch this money, you use it to increase sales from the side hustle until eventually that becomes a business you can work from home full time.

This way, you get to see more of your family. You are in control of your income instead of your boss. You’re not being told what to do and you can create as many passive income streams as you choose.

P.S Don’t quit your job until you have at least 12 months of your job income being produced by your side-hustle.

Being Comfortable Could Be Doing You More Harm Than Good

Tip 3. Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable. Moving forward in life comes with an element of risk. If you stand still, each day becomes just becomes a repeat of the last and you live the same day over and over again. The less risk you are prepared to tolerate the less the reward. I’m not talking about putting your house or family on the line here, but getting bold results comes from being just that.. BOLD.

You’ll win nothing, being timid.

Many people are more timid than even a mouse. Staying safe won’t bring home more. People who play the safe card all their life end up with very little. Risks, although uncomfortable at the time, become less uncomfortable when you keep taking them. You are now starting to rewire your thinking and upgrading your tolerance to being uncomfortable.

Tip 4. Expect To Fail. This sounds crazy, but we must expect the unexpected if we are to fail forward. Failure is feedback, it’s there to make you sit up and retake some of the steps you’ve been taking. no matter what we fail in, relationships, business, your job etc, if you just give up, nothing will happen and things will remain the same.

However, if you look at failure as just a stepping stone to success, you can’t really fail in the end as the task will get easier with the more attempts you make. One of the best traits you can have in life is to be persistent. The universe rewards people who are relentless. This is a trait all successful people have.

You have to be persistent as probably 80/90% of what you do will end up as a lesson in what not to do. Take a look back at any intimate relationship you have had. Did you marry the first person you asked out on a date? Did every first date go well?, Did every relationship work out?. Of course not. Everything worth having is worth having after a series of failures to get it.

Many people don’t understand get this. They try something a couple of times and if it doesn’t work out there and then, they quit. What does this say about YOU?. It says that it couldn’t have been that important in the first place…

You don’t quit on something you REALLY want..

Time To Quit?

Tip 5. When to QUIT. One of the worst pieces of advice i’ve ever seen on the internet is “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. This is only partly right. Of course you can’t succeed at anything if you become a professional quitter. BUT, with some things, you DO have to quit.

You might have to quit a bad relationship if it gets untenable. Maybe your parter is a bore, or worse still, maybe they are violent. This would be a good time to quit, don’t you think ?. It’s the same with anything, if you are heading in the wrong direction, you don’t have to quit on your goal, but it might be time to quit on the path you’ve chosen.

Sometimes, quitting is the best thing. If you honestly can’t see a way through, re-think and replan with a different approach.

Tip. 6. Mission Impossible. Most of what is deemed impossible is actually very possible. Sure, I wouldn’t try jumping out of a plane without a parachute or trying my luck playing dodgeball on the highway, that would be foolish. I would add though, most of what seemed impossible in the past has been made possible today.

It really depends on a person’s belief. YOUR belief. The fact that so many of today’s millionaires started out from humble beginnings gives us a sense that without excuses, most things can become a reality. The problem is, people get bogged down with everyday life and often substitute what was once their dream, with settling for less, because of: Commitments such as children, a spouse, a home, etc, etc.

This is understandable, however many people have “overcome” their commitments and created a better life for themselves and their families. Without difficulty, nothing great ever happens, without failure, nothing great will happen. You don’t try once or twice, you keep trying until you reach your goal. You make the impossible possible by overcoming obstacles and pushing through.

You were Young Once

Tip 7. Revisit your younger self. There was a time when everything seemed possible. We were young, foolish and the adult life in front of us seemed a long way off. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t wait to become an Adult. When we are young, we want to be older, when we are old we want to be younger. That spark of enthusiasm and wonder that existed in our youth is often lost when we face the “real world” and end up knuckling down to our responsibilities..

Our lives are shaped by our choices. Both good and bad. The better our choices, the better we live. If you choose to eat junk food all day every day, your choice will eventually lead to possible heart problems. If we choose to spend everything we earn (and more), our choices will eventually lead to creating poor financial habits. Our children will inherit our poor choices too as they use us as a role model.

Our younger self may have been a long time ago but all is not lost. We all have a younger self locked within us wanting to get out. We suppress the urge to think “young again” because we feel there is no other way. After all, isn’t it all just fate?, aren’t our lives just mapped out for us?

Actually. No.

We all have the ability to turn our lives around. We can all make better/different decisions. We are all free to change our minds. You are never too old to change. We all have the power within us to turn our lives around. You can re-start your life at any age. You just have to WANT to do it badly enough to actually go and do it, and that leads me to the key… the key to everything starts with the word BADLY. If you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way of doing it. If it’s just a wish, you probably won’t.

This post is getting far too long. Much longer than I actually intended. If you want more “Mind Blowing” information on how to create a better life, starting with changing your mind first, check out our publishing partner Rebecca Collins

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