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The Mysterious Humming Noise That Only 4% Of People Can Hear

They’re out there. I’m sure they are, but is this mysterious humming noise coming from them?

What humming noise is that, I hear you ask?

It’s been around for many years and only certain people seem to hear it. It’s a mysterious low-pitched hum, coming from ???… well, no-one actually knows.

Five years ago I moved house (no, not because of the hum), but I had lived in that house for 11 years prior to that. And for the last four or five years a mysterious hum appeared. Although it can be heard within the house, it doesn’t appear to be emanating from the house itself, but from outside.

Are You One Of The 4% That Hears This Strange Hum?

The mysterious thing is, once you go outside, it’s harder to hear. And some people, well, many people, can’t hear it at all. This makes it very hard to report to your local authorities as even if they believe you, as soon as they go in search of the noise, guess what?, they can’t find it.

So, where does this “hum” come from?. Noise pollution is everywhere, if you live anywhere near a town, or even near a train track or industrial area, noise plays a big part in the quality of your living. If someone is playing music too loud or you live near to a noisy industrial area, you may be able to get the local authority to look into it. However, when it is a noise that 96% of the population can’t hear, it’s a problem.

The noise itself can keep you awake at night. In my case, it used to appear in the early hours of the morning. My sensitive hearing used to pick it up and wake me up. Just for a bit of context here, since I’ve moved, I’ve never heard the “hum” again.

Thousands of people around the world are still hearing it, night after night, day after day…

Who, or what is causing this?, why is it only certain people can hear it? how can this phenomenon be stopped?.

Who knows…

It’s one of life’s mysteries…

If you’ve heard the “hum” let me know in the comments. Where did you hear it and when?

Have a great day


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