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The SECRET To Getting Everything You Want

Have you ever failed at anything?

Oh come on, I’m sure you have. Keep reading this post and you will discover one of the Stupid, silliest secrets… BUT, NOT knowing this is one of the biggest causes of failure EVER!!!!!

OK, here’s my brief story, just for some context.

Back in 2009 I joined Facebook. A good friend of mine suggested that I should try out some of my wacky marketing ideas using Facebook. I failed miserably, (of course), however, I had just discovered one of the greatest secrets of success.

Take a look at this DUMBASS video below

What’s wrong with it, you may ask ?

Well, it’s kind of all over the place, it doesn’t really have a direct message and it just hums along with NO real place to go.. BUT…

My point here is, I made it anyway….

Even though I thought people might snigger…

It was at this moment that I realised..WHY some people fail at most things, and why other people SUCCEED at those very same things… it’s simple really, and you’ll kick me when you hear it..

Most people never get the “thing” done, because they are too busy thinking about it.

In other words…

Had I waited to be perfect, I wouldn’t have made a single dime on the Internet. I would still be working a 9-5. This is why there is only a small 3% success rate of people making any money online. They spend too much time thinking about taking action but never actually take any.

They “think” their way out of it..

It’s like anything in life.

If you never ask, you’ll never get. If you never try, you’ll never know. If you spend your life thinking about it, it won’t get done… shall I go on?

Make imperfect strides. Over and over. Imperfect action over and over leads to getting it done. It starts off cr*p, and gets better as you go. That’s why I made that dumb video in 2010, after that I just got better at making videos. That’s why I failed over and over at Internet Marketing, I just got better.

You CAN’T really fail at something you REALLY want that badly and are prepared to give your ALL to get.

Make yourself get better. You can get good at anything if you are prepared to start the task imperfectly.

  1. Ask the girl/guy out. Even if you stumble and mumble, she will admire your gall.
  2. Start that damn Business. You’ll probably lose money at first but look what you could gain
  3. Take that chance. Life is short and the night is young.
  4. Visit that place. You can’t do it if you’re dead.
  5. Learn to be perfectly imperfect, you’re amazing, you can do just about anything. Keep telling yourself that.

Here is some advice I gave my private group. “The Winners Circle I hope you like it.

The Secret To Getting Everything

   ☞ Do what you can until you know what you’re doing… please listen to this if you are NEW to making money online….

Back in 2010 I first came online as a (joke) Internet Marketer. Back then, everyone either called themselves and Internet Marketer or a Coach…. P.S, most were neither…

BUT, it didn’t matter…

In 2010 I figured out how to make CRASS Videos, like the one below… I also figured out how to blog and sell affiliate products online…

I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I did things differently from others…. HOW?

Well, even though I didn’t know how to do things…. I did them anyway (badly)… MOST people spend so much time on the little things, they never really get started…

You see…

It’s better to do something badly, than it is to not do it at all. Doing it badly over and over (like the video below) eventually turns into something good.

You see…

You really are an AWESOME online marketer

You REALLY can publish your own books

You really will make a fortune on ETSY!!!

You just don’t know it yet… because

You’re too busy spending so much time on the small stuff…

That’s why only 3% of people succeed online, they’re no dumber than anyone else… they just spend too much time getting the small stuff right and never really make the mistakes that are so important for success…

I’m glad I found this silly video today..

It reminded me of the time I never gave up…

You shouldn’t either….

Get started… then get it right… not the other way around…

Happy Days..


P.S If you really want to succeed at creating an amazing online business that will completely change your life, read this

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