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the secret to happiness

The REAL Secret To Being Happy

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

Albert Schweitzer

Believe it or not, we all have the power to be happy. YES, absolutely everyone, no matter what terrible things we may have experienced in the past. The past doesn’t define us. It’s never too late to live a happy life. Happiness is not something you pursue, it’s something you do.

The Key To A Happy Life

The problem with a lot of unhappy people is, they tie their potential happiness to a tangible object or event in the future. You often hear people say things like, “I’ll be happy when I get that car” or “when I get that house” or “when I meet that special person”.

The problem with doing this is that you lose control of your own happiness because you hand it over to something or someone else. This is never a good idea. Although people have this idea that another person can “complete you”, the truth is, this is not actually the case.

YOU complete you.

YOU decide to be happy

YOU get happy by doing the things that make you happy.

NOT everything in your life has to make you happy. BUT, you can still be happy.

You are complete, and you always will be. You definitely don’t need someone else to complete you. Sure, it’s nice to find a life partner that loves you, this is one of the greatest feelings in the world (love), but you don’t find happiness in others. You find it in yourself.

You are happy, the moment you decide that you are.

How To Change From Crappy to Happy Right Now

On the one hand, you have the TV news telling you how terrible everything is and on the other hand, you have TV advertising telling you what you need to be a better person. Most of the stuff they advertise is not something you actually need anyway. It’s no wonder that many people are both confused and unhappy.

We’ve just come through one of the biggest disasters in the last 100 yrs (Covid) and people are still suffering from both mental and physical illness because of it. to top it off, we have a war going on in Ukraine that is a humanitarian disaster affecting the world, plus we are facing economic challenges in our home country.

But, as always. We see hope, we see faith, even in tough times..

The human spirit is more powerful than all of Covid, Wars, and Economic hardship put together. The human spirit is THE single most powerful force in the universe known to man. People can survive and thrive through anything, they have to, and they do every day..

To create instant happiness we have to reverse engineer how it arrives in the first place. We buy something or we see and speak to someone we like, this makes us happy. Or maybe we go somewhere and see or do something we like. This makes us happy.

But reverse the process,

What if we were happy first?

What if we were happy in the first place. All of that other stuff we do would then make us ever happier!. This really is the secret to living a happy life. How you see the world is how you see, say, and do everything. If you really believe all of what the media says, OF COURSE,” your view of the world will be that is a nasty, unsafe and terrible world..

It’s the media’s job to report the BAD news. This is their job. They call it informing, but to most people, it’s scaring the crap out of them. The daily doom and gloom is designed to keep you watching. They need viewers, lots of them.

OF course, they concentrate on parts of the world that are in trouble. This doesn’t mean the majority of the world is. And if you keep watching, and the channel also shows ads, the ads will finally finish you off by telling you that you need this and that to be a whole, complete human being once more.. This is the NEGATIVE power of television, working on your soul and your spirit.

It’s called a TV program for a reason.. you are being programmed.

We have to counteract all this.

You also have to counteract all the negative nellies on social media complaining every day about the Government. NONE of us should live our lives around what the government does or doesn’t do. If you rely on the government to make you happy, as Gary Vee says, “your sh*t is broken.

It’s all in your head..

You don’t need the TV news telling you how bad everything is. You don’t need TV ads telling you what you need to function properly as a human being. You don’t need politicians telling you what to do, many of them don’t know how to behave properly anyway. Money & Power can go to a person’s head and sometimes can end up completely ruining them as a human being.

You are good enough as you are. You don’t need others or other things to make you happy. You are unique, celebrate that. DECIDE to be happy right now. Even if this may seem a stretch at the moment. Happiness has an amazing effect on others.. a simple smile can make someone’s day

By actually being happy, you will attract happier people, happier situations, and happier circumstances. Happiness sometimes needs some practice. That happy muscle may need some daily pumping, but it’s in there somewhere.

Think happy thoughts.

Detach yourself from negative people and negative TV programming.

Add positive people into your life, watch and listen to positive content.

Have faith.

Anyone can be happy, no matter what you have experienced in the past. Happiness is about NOW!.

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