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Ideas On Demand – How To Be Wildly Creative And Become An Idea-Creating Machine

CREATIVITY: the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness

If you think all of the best ideas come from the brainiest people in the world, think again.

Ideas are everywhere. We are all brothers and sisters living in this great big world and we are all just trying to get by. Some do better than others, some could do better than others and some don’t care.

Success, whatever that means to you, can often come down to a fistful of ideas (or maybe even one), and of course – what you end up doing with that idea will determine your outcome.

“I Have NO Money” or “I Don’t Have Enough Money”

When you say that you have NO money or not enough money, it’s not the money that’s the problem, it’s you. What you are really saying is, that you don’t have a suitable strategy in place for making more money.

Being creative is the key to building better strategies.

When you have a job and you work for a boss, people’s immediate answer to “making more money” is to work more hours. This is very “one-dimensional thinking” This isn’t always practical anyway, and working too much can have dire consequences on a person’s physical and mental health.

It’s far better to be creative.

BUT HOW? I hear you say..

Simple. Ask More Questions..

When we were kids, we asked a lot of questions. We were at our most creative (and some would say, happiest) when we were young. A survey was done in the UK from online retailer that actually showed that children at the age of four ask as many as 390 questions a day. Of course, young children are eager to learn, BUT, most of that creativity a child shows at a young age is eventually pegged back. Constantly asking questions is later frowned upon by frustrated parents who are living in a world of great stress.

Children are eventually silenced and they later become adults who leave all that curiosity and creativity behind..

As adults, we begin to question things less, and less. Most of us eventually give up on being creative and end up falling in line with the rest of the world, we get a job, conform, and settle on surviving. Our inner-child escapes.. In other words, we fall out of love with creativity.

At 16yrs old, the boy Einstein asked this very child-like question ” What would it be like to race alongside a light beam” – this eventually led to Einstein creating the theory of relativity.

Ideas On Demand – The Secret Of Creativity

The secret to creativity is quite simple really. Get good at creating ideas. Then act on those ideas. How do you get good at creating ideas? Ask more questions.

Questions create answers, answers create ideas, and ideas followed by action lead to creativity

For every problem, there is an answer. For every idea, there are hundreds of similar ideas. The world will never run out of ideas, you can never run out of creating them.

YES, your mind can get blocked and you can get “writer’s block”, you can stop using your creative mind and just think of the mundane, but your mind is a muscle, the more you think of better things, the better it gets, the more you ask questions, the more answers you will create, and the more ideas you will come up with.

The Solution

Choose 1 topic at a time. don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to find the answers to several problems at once. FOCUS on one thing. Now you have your topic, ask the most relevant question you can think of.

This is the main thing, the main problem.

Maybe you are always broke… have you ever wondered why?

If you lack money, thinking and talking about the lack of money will only lead to less and less of it. You attract more of what you concentrate on the most. If you want more money you need to develop a better strategy, and you do that by asking questions, lots of them:

Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the solution. Frame your question to seek a solution.

For example

Q) How Can I make more money whilst holding down my existing job.

Q) What do I already know that perhaps I could monetize?

Q) What could I learn in the next few weeks that I could turn into a revenue stream?

Q) What have I got surplus to my needs in my possession that I could sell immediately?

Q) What skill or service could I provide for my local community for money?

A Question Within A Question

I think you get the idea, don’t worry about how stupid the question is, stupid questions sometimes contain the threads of great answers. Your brain needs exercise, asking questions begs not only answers but can also help create better questions. Treat these like building blocks for the brain, you can’t ask too many questions… (remember the 4yr olds who ask on average 390 questions a day)

NOW, take each question and ask questions within the question. We are now getting into the nitty gritty of creativity.

Question 1. “How can I make more money whilst holding down a job?

Q) Would the people I work with be interested in buying my products or services?

Q) Can I get a better rate of pay for doing the same job?

Q) What If I started a business from home and worked on it on weekends?

Q) Could I get my partner to run a business Mon-Fri & I’ll run it at the weekend

Knuckle Down And Get Creative

These are just a few suggestions. Ask the main question, then break the question down to many questions within the same question. At some stage, your subconscious mind will step in to help you when you are not thinking about the problem. By feeding our brain this information, we begin to steer our thinking patterns toward finding solutions.

REMEMBER: you’ll never find the solution to ANYTHING if you constantly keep reminding yourself of the problem.


Don’t be ambiguous, go for the jugular, find the problem, state the problem and ask the question. As humans, we want ANSWERS. In order to get answers, we need to ask better questions. The more you ask questions, the better you get at creating better questions and this leads to better answers.

In order to get more, be more creative. Ask questions daily, and within each question ask even more questions. Do this unit you come up with the answers. Get into the habit of asking at least 6 main questions daily. Withing each main question, ask 6 sub-questions. Eventually, you will become a master at creativity.

To be honest, I could write a book on this subject, but as it’s a blog post, we have to end it here. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did, please leave a comment below and share the post.

Thanks in advance, have a good day.


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