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How To Become An Unstoppable Force And Kick Fear Out The Window

Fear is just a ghost!…

Although it exists in our minds, it is the negative force that lives within and taunts us throughout our lives..

So, how can we defeat this negative life force and create an unstoppable mindset?

“Being unstoppable” might seem like a cheesy line from a superhero comic book, but it is realistic. NO, you don’t need muscles the size of rugby balls, It’s really all about developing a fearless mindset. It may sound difficult, at first – and it is, but like any muscle in your body, the more you use it, the better it gets, the less you use it, the weaker you get.

It works the same with fear. The more you challenge it, the easier it gets to bust through it, the less you challenge it, the harder it becomes to escape it’s power over you.

These unstoppable people are not superhuman, they’re just super-savvy when it comes to overcoming fear and getting what they want.

What’s the big deal about fear?

It’s quite simple really. Most of a person’s success or lack of it comes from their relationship with fear. The more fearful you become of change, the more you fall in with the “norm”. The “norm” being, what everyone else is doing. Although “what everyone else is doing” may be popular, it may not be right for you.

Fear is an invisible stumbling block. When you become good at overcoming it, your life will change for the better.

Although fear is mega useful for keeping you out of tight spots, it’s also a big pain in the a*s if you want to achieve THE BIG STUFF!…

Most of the stuff we fear doesn’t actually happen anyway. We seem to spend a large part of our lives being delusional. Fearing something that probably won’t happen is a terrific waste of time. We stop ourselves from achieving any significant success by being beholden to fear.

The fear of failing is one of the most common fears. No one likes to feel or look stupid, especially in the eyes of others. Therefore we play it “safe”. After all, safety is supposed to be safe. However, always playing safe, is not very productive. YES, you may have a job, yes, you may have mouths to feed and you may also have plenty of bills, welcome to the real world.

Most people who achieve anything significant in life also have these. They know they have “responsibilities” to others, but they also know that overcoming fear and going for GOLD, can increase the quality of life for those significant others..

Why not use your fear as a springboard to better things. Most of the things that we fear (apart from boogymen and ghosts) are actually things that we should be doing anyway…

Fear of flying… think of all the places in the world that you could be seeing.

Fear of failure.. Turn failure on it’s head. The more you fail, the better you become.

Fear of SUCCESS.. success will just make you more of what you already are. You will lose some friends, but you will also gain new ones.. Whatever success means to you, this is your purpose, don’t take it to the grave unfulfilled.

These are all common fears… there are hundreds, even thousands more… they tend to stop people in their tracks.

Use Fear As Motivation

If you fear running out of money, build enough income streams to make sure that you wont. Nearly all the things we fear could be sorted if we could just come up with the courage to try. Most people deal with things once they have happened. We all think “it won’t happen to me”, so we put things off.

We tend to live in hope, “we hope we won’t get burgled”, when we do, that’s the time we buy the burglar alarm. “I won’t get ill”, then we do, and that’s the time we change our diet and lose those pounds. It’s all a bit too late then.

Although avoiding your fear may seem like the easy option for now, it always ends up as the hardest option in the long run as nothing ever changes or gets done, we seem to just happily struggle along in life betting out hopes on winning the lottery. Life becomes almost dormant, sure you are surviving, but are you thriving?. is it really living – knowing that fear has this stranglehold on you?.

Moving On..

Apart from a terminal illness, almost anything is “fixable”

You’re not a tree, move forward.

You may have heard of multi-million best-selling author Susan Jeffers Ph.D. telling millions of people to “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway”. This is valuable advice… moving forward into something strange is fear-inducing and sticky…. it can also be exciting and life-changing..

No one really achieves anything worthwhile without walking up to their fears, facing them, and then walking right through them. At first, this is scary, but eventually, you will swap fear for excitement. And I’m not talking about risking your life here, I’m talking about changing your life for the better and no longer being chained to those fears.

Sometimes you just have to let go of fear and step over the line.. Although the line is invisible, it’s controlled by fear. The more fear you have, the bigger the obstacle, the harder it is to cross the line.

Choosing To Win

At the end of the day, it is a choice, you can choose to be held hostage by fear or break through them. People often have their biggest breakthroughs when they learn to overcome fear.

Unstoppable people see that line as just a stepping stone.. stoppable people see it as a barrier or even a wall.

Overcoming The Scariest Of Fears

Although most fears are imaginary, they are still REAL to the person. We know full well not to stick our fingers in the plug socket in the wall as we might get electrocuted. BUT, most of the things we fear never actually happen.

This is the problem. We spend our lives being afraid of things that just never materialize. Can you imagine being afraid to do something simply because you might fail?

Failure is good for you.

Failure is feedback, pure and simple. You get better by failing, learning, and moving forward. you never get better at anything by holding back and being fearful.

Let’s look at a case scenario…

You are a young boy, you are at school and you really fancy a girl in your class..

You’ve finally plucked up the courage to ask her out on a date. BUT, she said no. This causes you to have a very low self-image of yourself, you start to imagine all kinds of things.. “am I ugly?”, “maybe I suck at dating”? you then become afraid of further rejection, so you stop asking girls out.

Unbeknown to you, the next two girls you would have asked out would also have rejected you, BUT, the fourth girl that you would have asked, would have said yes and made you very happy, in fact, you would have been married eventually and spent a very happy life together…

Such is the power of fear…

What are your fears costing you?

The best way to overcome ANY fear is to do whatever you fear ONE CHUNK AT A TIME. you don’t have to go the whole hog and bust through fear all in one go..

For instance:

You are scared to fly. You totally ignore that it’s safer to fly than it is to travel by car. you’ve seen pictures of plane crashes and you fear the worst.

What is this costing you?

First of all, it’s costing you the chance to see the world. It’s hard to see the world by ship and it’s impossible to see the world by car. BUT, you insist air travel isn’t safe….

Here’s the formula to get over this fear..

  1. You could take a class on how to overcome the fear of flying.
  2. You could just try a short-hop flight in your own country to test the water
  3. You could try flying with a friend, someone with a calming influence.
  4. You could try using a flight simulator to help you overcome your nerves

My point here is not to give you the answers to your fears, it’s to give you the impetus to seek your own answers. There is always an answer. You don’t have to face your entire fear all at once, you can chunk it down into smaller steps until you can do it.. And YOU can do it… All fears are there to be overcome…

Overcoming fear sets the ball rolling. Success is addictive, one small success leads to another and another. Soon, you will be looking at fear in the rear-view mirror. with every chunk, you break down part of your fear, and with every step you achieve, you get a little bit more confident. If you keep doing this you will eventually become FEARLESS… and when you become fearless, yes, you guessed it, you become UNSTOPPABLE!..

Have a great day.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it. If you did, leave me a comment below and share the post. Thanks in advance.


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