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The Dumbest Ways To Make Money That Actually Work

Let’s face it, whether consciously or subconsciously, we are all looking for ways to make money. The problem is, many people believe that a job is their only option.

I know, I know, you have dozens of kids, a huge mortgage, bills piled high up to the ceiling, and a sick cat. You also have a car that drinks gas faster than you can earn it and you struggle to pay for your gym membership.

It all requires a ton of money to keep going, you are constantly spinning plates, and you daren’t quit the security of your job just in case it all comes tumbling down.

What exactly have we built here?

Is this really living?.

Was this written in the scriptures?

Were we meant to work 40 or 50 hours a week for 40 or 50 years, just to pay bills and pay off the mortgage?

Are our lives so delicately balanced that the loss of a job would make our world come tumbling down? Are we turning our lives into castles in the sky and are those castles made of glass?

This sounds like an extreme case but in truth, this is how many people live their lives. They have little or zero savings and if they lost their job, their life would become difficult, very difficult.

Dumb Business Idea 1.

Professional. Cuddler. Yes, it is a real thing, and believe it or not, it’s actually a growing industry. This is how it works. You pay someone to cuddle with you. As a professional cuddler, you snuggle with a client, sometimes at your place, sometimes at their place. It’s entirely platonic and non-sexual. Clothes, or PJs, always stay on. Cuddlers are available in at least 16 different US states, and rates can be as high as $80/hour, with discounts for booking multiple-hour sessions.

Potential $400 to $1000 a week

Ways To Make Money – The Mindswitch

The truth is, you don’t have to be particularly intelligent to make money. Many millionaires spent a lot of time out of school and many have never even stepped foot inside a college or university. Many millionaires started out with zero or low hundreds of dollars and also started with all of the attachments in life such as a mortgage, kids, bills, and debt.

BUT. The difference is.

They were BOLD. Bold enough to turn a thought, an idea, into a stream of money. NO, you don’t have to quit your job to make more money. You do however have to quit your old ways of thinking.

It’s like being stuck in the movie Groundhog Day, every day becomes a repeat of the day before. We get habitually stuck on a treadmill to nowhere.

  1. You can’t make more money if you keep doing the same things you always do.
  2. You have to make some sacrifices. Time, effort and money is required
  3. The same thinking you have today won’t get you more than you have today.

Ways To Make Money – The Solution

  1. Upgrade your thinking – If it’s not terminal, it’s not hopeless. You don’t have to remain as you are. You can learn to make money right now, there is a ton of information out there to teach you how to make more money. Books, Podcasts, Blogs etc. People don’t fail at this due to a lack of information. In truth, there is more information out there than you will ever need.

2. Spend some time on your future. Endless episodes of “Eastenders” won’t improve your life one bit. Nor will the nightly news disasters. Spend time with your family but help them upgrade their thinking too by getting them involved. Make money as a unit, if you have a partner or spouse, this can be to your advantage as you now have a business partner too (if they are willing).

3. Create an online business selling products. If you sell a service, you are there each hour involved in delivering that service. Yes, you could outsource the work but when you are starting from scratch, a product-based business is the way to go in my opinion. I personally recommend the publishing or the print-on-demand type business as you can set this up in a way where you get to live your life too, you don’t always have to be there at the helm.

Dumb Business Idea 2.

Selling Used Cardboard Boxes. When I first heard about this one I thought “who is going to be dumb enough to buy used cardboard boxes”?.

Marty Metro wasn’t put off when his first attempt to sell used cardboard boxes fell flat and others criticized his entrepreneurial spirit. So, he launched, which sells cheap packing solutions to businesses across the US and Canada. Now considered a multimillion-dollar “green” niche, Used Cardboard Boxes have been finalists for America’s Green Business of the Year, and are estimated to have saved more than 50,000 trees. Not so dumb after all..

I hope this post has been useful. As you can see, your business idea doesn’t have to be something that only Einstein would have come up with. Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that work the best.

If you want a complete blueprint on starting up in an online business, scaling it to six figures and beyond PLUS completely upscaling your mindset to think like a six or seven-figure earner this book of mine may well be a good tool for you. Check it out here.

Have an amazing day..

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  • Hello Keith,

    Its been a great while has it not fella and I hope that you are keeping well? I recently discovered an old Facebook account of mine that I last used on 2012 so naturally I came across your new blogging exploits, Incidentally what ever happened to AskTheTipster?

    Great post as usual fella, I am starting to get back into the game again as I have just been freelancing as a developer this past decade and growing my client base. I’m starting to scale back on that and slowly grow a blogging business instead like you have done here.

    I recently read an excellent maxim from the brilliant book WILL by Will Smith and that is “Scared Money makes No Money”, love your thoughts on that buddy.
    Good to connect again.