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how ot make money as a teenager

How To Make Money As A Teenager

How to make money as a teenager. This is a great question, as many teens struggle with the allowance that they get from the bank of mom and dad.

I know, when I was a teen, pocket money was ok but it was never enough to pay for all the things you want. In a way, this is good, as it teaches you to go out and make your own money. I had a paper round and I also marked the papers up in the shop for delivery. This got me an extra few pounds a week to buy my own stuff.

I did have to get up at 5am though each morning… OUCH!

This post has many practical ways that teens can gain their own self-respect by earning their own money. Let’s go..

How To Make Money As A Teenager – There Is Money Everywhere

I kid you not, if you are prepared to go out and get your face out there, there is no shortage of money. PLUS, if you are good with computers, you can earn plenty of bucks online.

Offline Stuff. Go out and get your hands dirty!..

Money Maker 1. OK, this is obvious but it works every time. Cleaning cars. You can’t miss with this one as Soooooo many people hate cleaning their own car.

Step 1. Knock on anyone’s door in your neighborhood who has a car.. Yep, like that is EVERYONE, (bring an adult with you when you do this)

Step 2. Offer to hand wash their car for ($X.XX) each week. If you charge just $5 a car and you get 10 regular customers, you’ll make $50 a week. Book them into your diary at an agreed time. All you need at this stage is water (the customer supplies this), a bucket, a sponge, some detergent, and a leather to dry the vehicle.

Don’t forget to charge more for waxing. Invest your early profits into a Karcher power washer as this will reduce the cleaning time and you’ll be able to get more cars done, per week.

Money Maker 2. Grass Cutting. OK, most people will have a lawnmower so there is no real investment here barring some sweat equity. People generally hate cutting the grass so you won’t be short of customers. PLUS, tell them you wash cars too. You could probably get at least $10 – $20 per lawn, plus at least $5 a car.

Money Maker 3. Do Odd Jobs. If you can mend a light switch, change a light bulb, paint a wall or two, do shopping for the elderly or walk a dog, you can make bank. Doing odd jobs for people around the house can easily net you $10 an hour. Plus, they will probably have lawns and cars, so you could be earning $25 – $35 per customer easily.

Online Stuff – How To Make Money Online As A Teen

Money Maker 1. Book Writing Many teens are prolific bloggers. Think of a blog post as 1000 words. 30 Blog posts would equal in length a 30,000-word book. Self-publishing on Amazon can be very profitable. As a teen, you probably have a ton of ideas buzzing around in your head.

Being a teen, you can write from a very unique perspective. for instance, why not write a book on how teens can make money. The internet has 1000’s of ideas on this subject. If you’re not sure how to start writing books, check out YouTube or Google. Or you could order my book on Amazon called simply “How To Write A Book” this will show you how to create a nonfiction book for Amazon.

Money Maker 2. Online Arbitrage. Quite simply, this is where you offer a service and instead of doing it yourself, you get an expert to do it at less than the price you are charging for it.

For instance, let’s say you are offering a book cover design service (this is always in demand). You simply advertise your service on and get someone to fulfill the order on For instance, on Upwork, you offer the service for $75 and you find someone on Fiverr who can fulfill the order for $15. You pocket the profit, less Upwork charges. This is quite possible, I’ve done this myself. Check out this post on how to do this in detail.

And Finally!

Money Maker 3. Print On Demand. This is by far one of the cheapest and most sensible mays of making money online as a teen. You simply get your designs created either on (or yourself if you are creative). You then find a Print On Demand printer to put your design onto mugs or T Shirts.

You find your customers on Etsy, eBay or even create your own eCommerce site if you wish, you get paid for the sale, you then send the order to the print on demand company (with payment) they print the item and sends the product to the customer. The difference between what your customer pays you and what you pay the printer is your profit.

For this and 4 other ways to make money check out this post “5 Ways To Get Stinking Rich

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