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Are You Too Scared To Make Money?

Sounds a bit mad doesn’t it?. After all, who could be scared to make money?.

Sure, people don’t fret about making a few dollars an hour in a job, that’s easy, peasy. I’m not talking about the small stuff. I’m talking LARGE here.. If you live in the UK and you were around in the 80’s, you might remember the character “LOADSAMONEY” – played by Harry Enfield.

LOADSAMONEY epitomized the “get rich quick” 80’s. It seemed like everyone and anyone believed in making money. Films like “Wall St” appeared and a TV series called “Dallas” gave people the “thumbs up” to arrogantly go LARGE…

You may not believe in the capitalistic goings-on of “greed is good” in the ’80s but people DID believe back then that ANYTHING was possible. Fast forward to today.

When you’ve been earning $16 an hour working for a boss, it’s a little hard to be convinced they can be a millionaire. People tend to live within the comfortable confines of what they believe they are worth.

What Are You Worth?

You do a job, however, you are not your job. You work for the market rate because that’s what it pays. Those people who make thousands of dollars a week are not lucky – they just think bigger.

They believe they are worth it.

That is where it all starts. How we view ourselves and how we view our earning potential. People often earn what their peers earn, if your dad worked in a factory, the chances are, you were brought up to work in a factory.

You may not be working in a factory now, but unless your sights were raised, you are still probably earning near enough the same as if you were working in a factory. People believe that making a lot of money is hard and that only the lucky ones ever get to do it.

This is really an excuse. Anyone can earn a lot of money, it’s not just for the lucky or the gifted.

This is the problem.

Most people are too scared to risk what they have to make any real money. It does take b*lls to go after big dreams, but as far as I know, we only live once. The more we suppress our dreams, the more depressed we become.

I’m not saying it’s easy to make lots of money, but it is much easier to settle for less. It’s much easier to pretend that people who get rich are just “lucky”. Once we have been programmed on receiving a reliable pay packet, we cease to worry or even care that we are undervaluing ourselves. We see our hourly rate as our limit and don’t even try to escape.

7 Steps To Break Out Of The Money Trap

1. Realize that you are not your job. You can be anything you want to be. A job is just a label for what you are doing at the moment. You can upgrade at any time.

2. Life is a risk. You can step out of your front door and get run over by a bus. The biggest risk of all is never taking any.

3. What you think about the most is what you’ll attract. If you constantly think about the lack of money, you’ll just attract more of the same. Don’t keep thinking about what you don’t want. It’ll keep showing up.

4. Concentrate on what you do want. The more power you give to a thought using all of your senses, the more likely it is to show up. Thoughts are things.

5. If you want more but you keep doing the same old things, you’ll just live a life of frustration. Change, changes everything.

6. Your peer group is probably dictating your earning capacity. Check your five closest friends. You’re probably earning the average of all 5. If you want more money, upgrade your peer group.

7. Listen to people who have what you want. the Internet is awash with broke people teaching others how to get rich.

And finally. To raise your income, raise your thinking. If you think small, you’ll attract a small income.

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