Keith Everett

The Shocking Truth About Your Retirement You’re Not Being Told

This story starts on a cold rainy day many years ago. I was giving Jim a lift into work, he was excited, it was his last day before his retirement.

He had managed to accumulate two houses throughout his life of which he had sold one at a nice profit and was looking forward to retiring in the other which was on the coast in Brighton, Sussex. England.

He had worked hard all his working life, he often did 10 to 12 hour days, saving every penny. after all, wasn’t retirement the golden years?. Weren’t you supposed to cash it all in and go take the easy life?

Unfortunately, this wasn’t only Jim’s last day at work. It was his last day on earth..

Retirement – The Shocking Facts

Unfortunately the script didn’t work out for Jim. He had a heart attack in the bathroom and was flat out on the floor when the ambulance was called. This was and still is a stark warning for anyone who thinks the work till you retire dream we are sold is 100% guaranteed.

In fact, one in 5 men simply do not make it past 65 years of age.

The truth is, if you are male, you have a 5/1 chance of dying BEFORE retirement.

The statistics for women are slightly better, however just 16 percent of women actually reach retirement age in good health as opposed to just 9 percent for men.

Bearing in mind that 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime – one of the main reasons for this being that people are living longer. These are gloomy facts, however you don’t have to be a retirement statistic.

Retirement – How To Beat The Cr*p Out Of It And Live Happy

My first piece of advice would be to see retirement not as it is portrayed by the Government, but see it for what it actually is.

FACT 1. You may never reach it. As various governments around the world adjust for the fact that people are living longer, the retirement ages are being moved. In other words, the goalposts are getting wider. Many in the UK can not retire now until they reach 67.

FACT 2. You can work your entire life and still not have enough money to enjoy yourself in retirement. Many people go back to work after meeting financial problems in retirement. Some do get bored and go back to work part-time.

FACT 3. In the UK, the government pension is less than half of what a person would be expected to earn in a job. You would need a substantial amount of savings, invested carefully to create an income in retirement similar to the one you had before retirement. Plus, you would have had to have started this scheme in your early twenties.

FACT 4. It’s not all gloom and doom if you have a properly funded private pension, rental property OR if you have been building an Internet based business alongside your Job.

You could be sitting pretty…

It is never too late to switch the way you think about retirement.

Retirement is not the dream that most people think it is.

64% of Americans will retire broke. This figure would also be fairly accurate for other countries in the Western world.

Around 20% of people who own their homes at retirement age will downsize in order to try and fund it

Let’s be honest, back in the 1950’s people could cope with one income in the household. Nowadays even two incomes are not enough. The only real way to stop the flow of value from draining out of your bank account is to shovel in far more than you spend.

If you are spending everything you earn, you are creating a ticking time-bomb, one that will explode in your retirement.

This is very hard to do when you have high inflation. People are struggling. However, if you work for an hourly rate, you’ll never find enough hours in the day to create a sizeable income, enough to fully fund retirement without financial problems. Creating a side business, internet based, preferably with minimal start-up costs, this to me, seems a sensible way to tackle both inflation and the lack of funds in retirement.

The Truth About Retirement

Many people will never retire. They’ll either die before retirement age or they will just not be able to afford to live. This doesn’t have to be you. Many people who have started their own businesses on the Internet have managed to retire early. And they have created passive income streams to meet their day to day costs, leaving money left over for travel, etc.

Retirement should mean doing all of the things you’ve been meaning to do, carrying out your bucket list and living the good life, instead…for many, it’s simply a nightmare..

Get started in an online business today, not tomorrow. Don’t put it off, it will cost you dearly. If you need help with what to get started in that is going to be best for you email me or alternatively check out my books on amazon these have helped many people to create second incomes online.

Have a great day