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Supercharge Your Future: 3 Action Steps Your Future Self Will Love You For

I’ll make no bones about it, there is no perfection, just improvement. Life can get very humdrum if we let it but we don’t have to let it. We are not static beings and no matter how much you feel “tied down” you can change your circumstances any time you want.

But, why wait..

Your best life?, what is it and perhaps a better question would be “why haven’t you arrived there?”Maybe you don’t know what that is. This is the first problem. It’s very difficult to get something when you don’y know what it is.. This is very common.

Sometimes, it may seem like it’s an uphill struggle, and that there’s no way out, only high bills and very little to look forward to, it can seem like we are in this never-ending spiral of working to live, 5 days on, 2 days off. When will it end?. Of course, It doesn’t have to be like that.

Let’s look at three ways that you can improve things right now and make that lasting change that will make your future self thank you for. After all, everything you do now is really a memory to your future self, however it will affect his or her life greatly..

Little things add up. What you do (or don’t do) each and every day is either adding or taking away from your future existence..

Step 1.

Living with Ghosts…

What has gone on in the past, although this may have affected you greatly should not and never be allowed to affect your future. Many people are held back by the ghosts of the past… the things you didn’t do, the things you should have done, the things you could have done..

We all have a list of things that we could have done better, but this won’t help to get things done in the here and now. All you can do is begin each day with the view to not make the same mistakes and to create success, this success will start to erase the ghosts of the past.

Live knowing that all humans make mistakes, none of us are perfect and the those mistakes were the lessons that can make us a better person today. Whatever hurt us probably hurts others too, by not repeating those old mistakes we can understand people a lot better and treat those around us better.

Step 2.

Convincing yourself…

Whatever you think you can’t do is really just something you’ve convinced yourself is not possible. It’s not reality. You are capable of almost anything, resting in your head is the world’s most powerful computer system, it even has a vehicle that walks and talks. You were not created to slave your guts out to earn a few shekels a week, pay a bunch of bills and then die. you really weren’t.

You may not think so right now but you have the ability to be extremely creative. Yes, even if you are 60,70,80 or beyond. Maybe you feel a little more tired at this age but your brain and your being still wants to create. We are creative beings, we can improve ourselves, our lot, our finances etc at any time, we are not destined for failure, only growth. Growth comes by doing, not watching the world go by.

I know that you know this (I hope)

Things do not and will not change if you keep doing the same old things. Everything is in motion, from the minute you go to bed, from the minute you wake up in the morning your inner world and your outer world is in motion.

It’s easy to get lethargic. Failure comes from an attitude of lethargy, seeking an easy existence, doing as little as possible, success springs from action, repeated over and over again, calculated risk and aiming at the correct goal and of course following through.

You can have anything you want if you are prepared to just start, keep going, expect failures along the way, learn from them and re-adjust. Don’t give up, ever and…. it will appear. Maybe not today, next week or month, but it will appear..

Giving up is the key to failure.

Starting, readjusting when failing and never giving up is the key to success. It sounds like a lot of work and it is. Nothing worthwhile comes easy..

Step 3.

What you want wants you too, but it wants you to follow up. The thing that people seem to find the hardest is actually getting started. We live in such a superficial social media world where people don’t have to do much apart from like people’s posts and scroll through their newsfeed.

We have become a world of smartphone owners who no longer have to see people, we can see them on screen instead. The social platforms have made us less social. Personal visits have been replaced by likes and comments and telephone chats have been replaced by texts and Snapchat.

The answer is not to be less active, but more active. Activity creates change, if you want change then you must judge yourself by how much activity you are putting into that change or how much you are willing to. Being lethargic is the norm for many people, this is why we have thousands more followers than leaders. It takes guts to be a leader, they are not concentrating on how much “time they can have off” or looking for an easy way out..

They get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Great change will not come from your comfort zone, it will only come from not having a comfort zone, not putting your feet up and watching the world go by. At first, your contribution will be far less than your reward, however in order to create a lot of anything, you have to do the work first, and collect later.


Whatever you think it requires to go from where you are now to where you want to be in 5 years time will probably be at least 10 times what you think it will require. Look at what you do daily at the moment, is it getting you closer to where you want to be or are you just spinning your wheels?

If you’re just spinning your wheels, you’re going to need a new plan. In order to plan, you have to know what you want. Once you know what you want, don’t put off the start. Every day you procrastinate about starting is another day farther away from your goal. There is no perfect time, only now.

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