Keith Everett

Reality Check: The Uncomfortable Truth About Making Money Online

Making money online is a reality for many. Some kick the can a bit and make a few dollars here and there whereas some people can and do become millionaires.

Which camp are you in?

Are you playing at it or are you a serious contender?

The Reality Of Making Money Online

In 20 years of marketing online, OMG has it been that long?.. I’ve noticed a strange behaviour pattern that occurs consistently amongst so many new entrepreneurs. It’s their ability to overestimate expected short-term results and underestimate the long term of business, especially online.

It’s almost expected now that if you haven’t made money in 3 months, the idea wasn’t any good. This of course is totally incorrect. Most things work online, it’s people who don’t give the idea time to work that is the main problem.

Most people who fail at making money online blame the opportunity, it’s never them. The reality is “impatience” is not the key to success, like the hustle culture likes to portray it, it is in fact the key to failure.

Online Business Success In A Nutshell

Business is a marathon, not a sprint. Most, if not all of the good results are on the back end and most, if not all of the bad results are on the front end. In a brick and mortar business, if you break even in your first year you are considered to be doing well, this thinking does not transfer to the online world very well as the Internet is awash with hype and busllshit.

Yes, it is perfectly sensible to buy a course from someone who has achieved business success, BUT don’t expect the same results, you are not them. Look at the beginning of their story, this is the most valuable learning curve. “How did they go from ZERO sales to 10 sales?. Most people buy a course from someone who has made a 1000 sales and want to know how to make a 1000 sales NOW.

This is not the way to think in business. In the early stages you shouldn’t be worrying that you haven’t made a sale in 3 weeks, you should be thinking about how to build the business. What are you doing right and what are you doing wrong?

And Finally

I’ve deliberately made this post short as many of my blog posts go over a 1000 words. Always remember the Principle formulated by Vilfredo Pareto. Pareto is most well-known for his 80/20 rule, which he developed in 1906 after a mathematical observation of Italy’s income distribution.

80% of your results in business (and in life) will probably come from 20% of your efforts. Therefore, in business, the 80% of your results could be on the work you do in 9 months, a year or even 2 years time, maybe not now.. so worrying about the here and now in business is in my opinion foolish.

Sure, you have to get it right, but you can’t get it right if you don’t get it wrong. and the only way you can be sure of what you’re doing is to give it time. So many people duck out too early and give up because they only made a sale or two in 6 months, whereas if they had kept going and kept learning, they could have probably made a great success from their business by now.

Lord Grant Me Patience, But Please Hurry

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