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The Curse Of The Internet Marketing Zombies

I have a question for you. Why do you think it’s so hard for people to make money on the Internet?

Is it

A) Lack of opportunity

B) Not enough information available

C) Too much capital required

D) The Internet is all a big scam.

I have news for you. It’s none of the above.

Lack of opportunity?. Come on, there has never been a better time in history than now to build a home based business. Go back 30 years ago, people had to use the telephone, the mail or newspapers to get people interested in their offers.

Not Enough Information Available?. I would say we have the opposite of this. When too much information is available, people get confused. Many have ADHD, so focus is the only way to go.

Too Much Capital Required. I guess you could make a point for this if you are broke, but if you have money for beer, cigarettes, dining out, celebrating, the new smartphone, new trainers etc, then you are way off. You could easily start an online business for $1000 or less. take another look at your priorities.

The Internet Is A Big Scam?. Really?. OK, we know some scammers use the Internet. Scammers will always find a way to reach you whether that is the Internet or by post or phone. Don’t let a few scammers turn you off one of the best vehicles for getting sales that ever existed. The internet is here to stay, use it and make money.

Many people are using the internet to build a side-hustle or a full time business.

The Curse Of The Internet Marketing Zombies

The main reason people struggle to make money on the Internet in my opinion is because they are mainly fearful of losing what they already have. People pay far more attention to money lost than they do to money gained and it is out of “fear” that most people struggle.

This is not just about Internet Marketing, many people fear change itself.

If you believe there is a lack of something, whether that is money, opportunities etc, you are subconsciously developing a “scarcity” mindset. The world is stuffed full of money and opportunities but far too few people ever learn how to get their hands on them.

Now, I know there are people who are just “lazy”, but this is not about them.

People consider a job to be “safe”. Even though no job is truly safe, getting another job, if fired is considered easier than risking money in a business. However, people never really way up the “Risk to Reward” when weighing up a job up against a business.

Let’s be honest, even if you worked a 100 years in a job, it’s unlikely to ever make you rich as you earn little more than the lifestyle you’ve created. A job can only ever create real wealth once you live below your means for many years and save the excess cash. Most people can’t or aren’t prepared to do this. This takes me back to Internet Marketing and creating a business online.

Even if you get over the fear angle of starting a business. How long are you prepared to “lose” money initially?. This is the 2nd reason people don’t make money online. They can’t take too many failures. A common response is “Well, I tried, it didn’t work out”

This is where a person lets themselves off too lightly. We tend to make excuses for ourselves because it’s easier to justify than “I’m a failure”. The truth is, no one is a failure at anything until you finally give up.

The Most Successful People I Know

I didn’t come from a family of entrepreneurs, in fact, even today, most of my offline friends are not in business. Just because you don’t know any successful business people doesn’t mean you can’t become one yourself. There is so much training available, often freely available on the Internet, it’s hard to fail if you are determined enough, and really that’s the secret

Most people are trawling the internet without focus. They try this and then try that and many are looking for an easy life. They want all the money without the work. Let me give you some “nuts and bolts” advice here.

I’ve been in business over 40 years. I’ve had many spectacular failures (including one where I lost a whopping $250,000 in one day), but I’ve also had successes. The most successful ones were the ones where I focused on 1 thing. 1 business only. And I did this day in and day out until I found a way to make it work.

Think of all the things in life you were determined to do: did they pay off in the end?

It’s the same when you go into business. If you’re determined enough, who can stop you?

Now, you can disregard my advice if you like, it’s your choice. But, if you’re fed up failing, or you’re frustrated with the whole online money thing, start thinking like a REAL entrepreneur. There are so many “coaches” online and people calling themselves “entrepreneurs”, it makes you wonder why only around 3% ever make any money.

A REAL entrepreneur:

One. They get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Believe me, watching TV 4hrs a night won’t get you RICH!!!!!… but you already know that..

Two. Don’t be scared to risk money. Remember, Money makes money. Stop looking for a “free business” If you want people to give you money, spend it yourself first.

Three. STOP giving up. Change your approach by all means but never give up on your goal. The world is full of professional quitters, don’t become one yourself. How many things could you have been great at if you just hadn’t QUIT?

Four. Accept and learn from failure. Failure is our greatest teacher, instead of running scared of failure, embrace it and learn from it. Anyone who ever did anything great in this life failed at first. Seek out stubborn people who don’t know when to quit. The CRAZY people in life are the ones who do the good stuff.

Five. Don’t be a Zombie. The internet is full of lost boys and girls. I still see people I knew online as far back as 2010 still going around in circles and making the same mistakes online. Learn form your mistakes. The internet is not there to serve you, YOU are there to serve it. The fundamentals still work today, create good products and sell enough of them to build a good life for you and your family.

That way everyone is happy. Your customers will love you and so will everyone else., be someone worth following.

That’s it. I’m out of here.

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Peace, out.


P.S. This is my story of growing up and developing a “money mindset”. I hope you like it.