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Discover Your Inner Badass, How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness

BADASS: Definition: Tough, Skilful, Dangerous. Likely To Cause Trouble

I really believe that when push comes to shove, anyone, and I do mean anyone can become a BADASS at anything they wish to bring into their life. Although the definition of the word indicates “trouble” a BADASS really is a person who has true courage, even though it may currently be just a “squeek” within. They break down the barriers, tear up the rule book and they MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Imagine a timid person. Everyday, she/he does what they are told, they try to “fit in” they are afraid. People intimidate them, then one day, they’ve simply have had enough. The mouse starts to ROAR….

This is the BADASS starting to surface… QUICK, bottle that feeling..

It may not be pretty, but it’s a done deal..

Anyone and everyone can change.

Whatever you want in life actually wants you, but many people are too bogged down by the complexity of living and never quite figure it all out. It’s not your fault, for too long we have sold ourselves short. We listen to other people’s crappy opinions of us and for many those opinions become our reality.. whereas, in truth the opinions of others are often flawed and are often based on their own opinion of themselves.

People are strange, when you are trying to improve, only a few will be happy for you, some will look like they are on your side, but really aren’t and others will just flat out hate that you want to improve..

The world is full of haters..

YES, haters are hurt people. They feel insignificant, therefore in order to gain significance, they need to lower your flag and make themselves look and feel better, at your expense..

Haters love to hate because they hate themselves.

BADASS people love to win because they see themselves as winners. SIDE NOTE: They also love to see others win, and instead of being jealous of them, they feel inspired by them. We all need to step up, hang with people who are doing the things you want to do, people who inspire you.

SO, are you ready to become a BADASS?. Raise your glass, stick your finger in your ear and let’s GO, go go..

Step 1. Believe in yourself. OK, this is a tough one and I know there are books out there to help with this. Everyone has done something exceptional in their life. I know, you may not see this at the moment, but take another look. At some stage, you believed in yourself:

A) The mom who brings up a child alone. This takes guts.

B) The person who applies for 43 jobs and gets months of rejections, but finally gets a job offer. This takes tenacity

C) The person who stands up to bullies at school or in the workplace. This takes balls.

Need I go on. Somewhere in the history of your life, you’ve been bold, you’ve been brave, you may even have been fearless. You may not have got the recognition you deserved, but I’m doing that right now. I salute you.

You have what it takes to be a BADASS.. and you are not alone. Thousands of people every day quit playing small and start to ROAR!!!!

Believe in yourself, belief is the glue that holds all plans together. Create a map for your new life and believe it will happen .

Step 2. Take ACTION like there is NO Tomorrow. OK, I think you knew that taking action was going to be the next step, it’s logical, but let me remind you.

You can plan and plan yourself stupid, but without action it’s all USELESS. When I was 18, I had piles of text books full of plans, but very few results. It’s almost as if I was waiting for the right time.

The truth is, there is never a perfect time to start. Learn to be perfectly imperfect.

You OWE it to yourself to get started NOW!!… that million won’t make itself, that house won’t suddenly appear in your life out of nowhere, you have to make it appear. Once you take the first step (that’s the hardest), it gets easier. Motivation doesn’t come by thinking about it, motivation comes by taking the first step, this motivates you to take another step.

All successes are the accumulation of a successful series of steps. Break down each step into a series of smaller steps.

When I write books, I write for 2 hours solid. No distractions, no getting up off the seat, just write and write and get it all out there. I do this every day until the book is complete. Most people think it’s hard to write a book, but most people have two hours a day. Think BIGGER and turn that time into something BADASS..

Step 3. See opportunities when problems arise. When problems arise, ask yourself “If I have this problem, others must have it too. No problem is that unique. Ask yourself, “what If I could solve this problem for others”? I’m not kidding you here, the world is one big mass of opportunities. The reason most people bicker and complain about everything is because they blame others for their situation. The truth is, we are all responsible for ourselves.

The good thing is, God, The Universe, or whoever you align with will provide plenty of opportunities, if you are actively seeking them. It’s up to you to put on your big girly pants… yes, even you guys, and GO for it…

You’re A Long Time Dead

You’re a long time dead, don’t join the walking dead and go to the grave without fulfilling your life’s ambition or living your passion. Life is meant to be lived, to be savored, it’s not a sentence.

Step 4. Recover quickly from setbacks. If things go wrong, and they always will, don’t let this stop you. Take each setback on board and try to learn from it. The chances are, if you’re having setbacks, many others are too. Can you create something, either a product or service that will help others overcome that problem or setback. Don’t see setbacks as reason to stop, you’re on your way to BADASS status now, run through those setbacks quickly and recover as fast.

Accept losses as a part of life. Don’t dwell on the things that go wrong, actively spend time on making new things go right.

Step 5. Check who you hang out with. Sometimes, you really need to change your present company, especially if you surround yourself with people who are afraid to move forward.

The first thing to grasp is “who are you hanging out with?”are those people improving you or draining you. Hang out with funny, inspirational people. They don’t all have to be aspiring millionaires, but they should at least support you and your ideas.

Associate and align yourself with people who are doing what you want. The biggest problem I see is people’s unwillingness to rise above their current circle. Your current circle is aligned to your current thinking, remember that. You certainly don’t want to be the smartest person in the room but you also don’t want to continually be in a room full of negative nellies. Get out a bit and leave the pack.

Learning is continuous. In order to grow you need to keep expanding your mind. Read positive material and teach others, paying it forward is a great kindness.

BADASS people are not scared to be alone.

In fact, when you become a badass, you will be alone at first. People may let you go. This is a natural part of life. You can always make new friends. In fact, this should be on your “to-do” list.

Step 6. Stop sitting on the fence. It’s very easy to look at your present life and think that a vast improvement is not for you. After all, people you know are in the same boat and maybe that boat is one you don’t want to rock.

Sitting on the fence is living in a world of indecision. And you know full well that you made big decisions before, so you can make them again. Your decision making muscle gets weak if you don’t exercise it regularly. Deciding to get married was a big decision, having a child was a big decision. Don’t get too comfortable with living a life of making just small decisions. Small decisions might get you by but they won’t make any massive changes, massive changes call for massive (big) decisions.

Being a badass is being someone who is not afraid of the big stuff. Most people spend their life playing small because they think it is their “place”. This is simply NOT true. If you want big things, make better, bigger decisions.

Here’s the summary for living life as a BADASS:

Step 1. Believe in yourself.

Step 2. Take ACTION like there is NO Tomorrow

Step 3. See opportunities when problems arise.

Step 4. Recover quickly from setbacks.

Step 5. Check who you hang out with.

Step 6. Stop sitting on the fence.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to be the biggest BADASS you can be..

Have a great day.

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