Keith Everett
2 minute rule

The 2 Minute Rule That Can Change Your Life

2 minutes, that’s all it takes. If you don’t already have the things you want, you probably haven’t formed the habits to get them (yet!)

Here’s how to start on a life-changing journey…. in simple 2 minute steps.. .

Step 1. Know what you want, but don’t focus on the destination, focus on the habits that will get you there. Let me explain. We all have habits, some good, some bad. We need to create the habits to get the results we want. You may want a $1,000,000, but if your daily habits are only bringing you in $500-$1000 a week, your current habits will not cut it.

Step 2. Ask yourself this question. In order to reach the destination (your goal), what NEW habits do I need to develop? For example: If you run every single day, eventually you could run a marathon. OR, if you read for just 30 minutes a day, you could read 30 books in a year.

Apply this way of thinking to ANYTHING you want. And you have just increased your chances of getting it by 100%. So, where does the 2 minute rule come in?

Start by just doing 2 minutes. Cmon, anyone can do two minutes.

The 2-minute rule says when you want to start a habit you only need to do it for two minutes: • Read a book = read one page • Workout = step foot in the gym • Run a marathon = get your shoes on

Now that you’ve done the two minutes, decide to either carry on or stop.

How does this help?.

It’s always the first step that is the hardest. Boy wants girl, boy goes to the dance club, boy enters the dance club. This is the first step. The first 2 minute rule. He can then decide to stay and take the next step, the next step will almost always be easier than the first. His 2nd step may be just to watch the other dancers.

He is now familiarising himself with the environment, the third step will be even easier. This is how you eat an elephant (don’t try it), one chunk at a time. Instead of focusing on the destination (getting the girl or boy), focus on the next step. If you really struggle in getting the things you desire, go about each desire one at a time, and take two minute steps to start and do each step.

WRITERS: Instead of trying to write a book, attempt to write a page, then another page. Soon you will be writing a chapter and before long the entire book.

This is only a short post. Perhaps it will take just 2 minutes to read. I hope you liked it. If you did, please spend two minutes writing a comment below.


Peace, out.