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The Shocking Truth About Age Reversal

Is it possible to reverse your age?

Well, before you make your mind up about this, let me ask you a couple of questions.

  1. Have you ever seen a person who appears a lot older, and months later miraculously they look a lot younger?.
  2. Do you think the things that made you look and feel older could be reversed, even a little?

Here are some interesting facts.

Although ageing is a natural part of life, some of it (not all of it) can actually be reversed. and I’m not talking about cosmetically younger, or dressing younger, I’m talking about actually taking years off your age.

Although we all age differently, there are things that all of us can do to slow down the process and even take years off our current rate of ageing.

Here we go then.

Let’s take a look at a 60year old man or woman. Genetically some people will look better than others at 60, however some people will look older or younger than they should. This can be for a number of reasons including diet, smoking or non smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise or even medication as some medications can have bad side effects on people and make them appear older than they really are.

Next, there is a person’s mental state. Positivity or negativity also affects ageing. Did you know that holding down a positive mindset can actually help you to live longer? This is not mumbo jumbo, as continually stressing about the economy, the cost of living or the government’s decisions can cause stress, and stress has been proven to increase ageing, plus increase the chance of diseases such as stroke and heart attacks.

Here Are My findings on Staying Younger and Reducing The Ageing Process

In the UK we have been led to believe that people should “retire” at around 65 (this age limit keeps getting put back). In other words, you are JUDGED to have exceeded your working life and now you should accept the government’s view that you are an OAP. Old Aged Pensioner.

This term OAP is particularly cruel in the UK, as in some other countries at least they refer to you as a “senior”. What difference does this make I hear you ask?. It’s not so much the wording, it’s the expectations, first the expectations of ourselves and then there are the expectations from mainly an ageist population. Once you get the silver hair, many people tend to de-value you.

Younger people may mistakenly you are not very tech savvy and may even speak loudly to you thinking you are stone deaf. Shop assistants may even totally ignore you or be condescending.

Old Age Pensioner. This isn’t exactly a positive description of a senior person who still has so much more to contribute to society.

People want to be younger, or at least appear younger.

I’ve never heard of anyone who wants to look older, except perhaps as teenagers. We can start to reduce our ageing in many ways by altering our diet, less sugar, less red meat, etc. Vegetarians, although they annoy the hell out of meat eaters, in many cases, a vegetarian lifestyle leads to a longer life this is down to removing animal fats that can cause artery blockages and other heart associated diseases.

Quote: A British study tracked 6,000 vegetarians and 5,000 meat eaters for twelve years and found that vegetarians were 40 percent less likely to die from cancer during that time and 20 percent less likely to die from other diseases.

Not everyone wants to be a vegetarian and many hard and fast meat eaters would rather die than change their habits. A few yeas ago vegetarians were looked at as hippy weirdos, I could understand this as being a vegetarian 20 or 30 years ago wasn’t easy. Meat and two veg was very much part of the staple diet. GOSH, I remember my old nan eating bread and dripping..

Imagine eating meat fat on bread now…

Today of course, it’s very different with plant based meals taking up huge space in supermarkets as many people let go of meat. More and more people are turning to plant based diets and many restaurants specialise in vegetarian food. Even the fast food joints are wising up to have plant based food on the menu.

In my opinion, most preventable ageing comes from thinking you’re old. I’ve seen 45 year olds who walk like they’ve sh*t themselves. They grow large beer guts and drag themselves along the road. How you treat your body says a lot about how well or how badly you will age.

You are what you truly believe you are. My poor old mum started thinking she was old in her 60’s, she stopped doing a lot of the things she would do in her fifties, just because of how society expected her to be. She lived till 96, and wasted around 30 years thinking she was too old to be anything but old.

The Biggest Secret.

Choose a number… OK, if you’re 60, don’t choose 16. BUT, choose 48, or 50 even, try to remember how you felt, how you acted, how you dressed at that age. Think like you were 10, 15 years younger. Exercise more, eat better, even meditate to relax more…. think on the Bright Side… start to go back, start to shrug off your ageing shell.

Be just like the caterpillar, turning into a butterfly. Shrug of your thoughts about ageing, being ill or dying. Start to count backwards. Imagine how you behaved 10, 15 years back, start to mentally and physically take yourself back.

Detach yourself from people who think about illness, convalescent homes, dying, funerals etc. Don’t buy into all that crap.

ANYTHING is possible in this life. You don’t have to be part of the ordinary, normal generation of “comply till you die” thinkers. Old heads need new thoughts. It’s your thoughts that are creating your outer and inner worlds. Thoughts are powerful, if you act like you’ve given up on life, your body and mind will copy.

Change your thoughts, change your life. Feed your body food that will keep you well. Think thoughts that will keep you well.

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