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Does Your Life Need a Reboot?

Getting stuck, being stuck, this can happen to anyone, at any age at any point in a person’s life. The trick is not to stay stuck. Here’s how to get unstuck, reboot yourself and reboot your life.

Trust me here, no one is a hopeless case.

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OK, let’s get into the nitty gritty.


Apart from money, what else are you getting from your job/occupation?. I say apart from money because although money is essential, working just to make money is very unfulfilling. All of us spend a great deal of our lives in work mode, if we are doing something boring, unchallenging, repetitive and dreary, it won’t be long before the rot sets in.

According to a 2022 report by Gallup, 60% of people in a job feel disconnected and unhappy in their place of work and basically “live for the weekend”.

If this is you. Ask yourself what you would do all day long if money were no object. I’m not talking about “laying on the beach”, I’m talking about work. What work could you do all day long that would make you happy… and fulfilled?

Is there a course for that?.

Bear in mind, you don’t have to go back to college to learn new skills these days. There are thousands of courses available online many at very low prices. There really isn’t any excuse for anyone 16 – 99 yrs of age these days. Anyone can learn new skills. New skills can lead to better work, more money and a new environment with new work friends.

Instead of always sticking with the safe and boring, exercise some creativity and form new habits that involve doing new things…

TV, Weekends & Friends

I know the feeling. After a “hard” day at work you probably don’t want to do much in the evening, maybe you have a meal and watch television, then go to bed. At weekends, you probably go shopping on Saturday morning, maybe take a walk around town on Saturday afternoon, buy some stuff then go home relax, eat an evening meal then watch Game shows on TV.

Sunday, maybe you go out for a drive, visit some relatives, perhaps go down the pub for Sunday dinner. Maybe your life is very predictable, and that’s OK if you don’t feel stuck.. Some predictability is good but every day, week or year?, WHY?

If it all gets too boring, change it up. People stick to predictable ways of doing things over and over, sometimes for years and years. No wonder people get bored and feel like their life is slipping away. I have news for you, IT IS!!!!!!!!

You’re getting lost in a tunnel of predictability. Just because 99.9% of the population do the same sh*t over and over again doesn’t make it right. Doing the same things over and over again creates an unhealthy NEED for them. People get addicted to the same old thing.

You get comfortable, therefore you get predictable. Each day, each week, each year just becomes a repeat of the last one.

When the almighty upstairs (whoever that is) gave you 65, 75, 85 or how ever many years he gave you, he/she didn’t give you those precious days for you to turn them into “groundhog day”. Living for the weekend is madness, you should be living 7 days a week…

Go somewhere different this weekend. Speak to some different people, make some new friends, experience new things, don’t just sit in front of the TV snacking on chips. TV is for programming, it’s chewing gum for the eyes.


  1. Cut out the predictable unless it’s life-changing and necessary.
  2. Reduce your circle of friends to those who add value to your life, reduce or remove those who drain you.
  3. Re-think your job if the only thing you get from it is money. Although money is necessary, you spend too much time at work to not enjoy what you do.
  4. Re-think the amount of time you sit enslaved to the TV. It’s a box that entertains, that’s all. Spend some of your TV time learning a new skill that you can replace your job with
  5. Remove and Add. Take time to remove things that make you feel sad. Stop concentrating on things from the past that never worked out. start planning for your future and concentrate on making NEW things work out.
  6. Everyone feels a bit depressed at time. Don’t take it to heart. What you see, think and feel is shaping your life, it’s shaping your future. Be someone who attracts the things they want, not someone who attracts the things they don’t want….. in other words, quit complaining, add value to others and help people. By doing this you are elevating your status in the World, no one likes a complainer.
  7. Know right here, right now that you are the pilot in your life, you have the power to change how it turns out over the next few months and years. Start giving up the things that no longer serve you and start creating more of the things that do.

I hope this post has been useful to you. Yes, I’ve been stuck before, several times. It’s only temporary, but how long it lasts is up to you. Start to take action. Create an action plan to release yourself from staying stuck. The sooner you start changing the things that no longer serve you, the better.

Good luck.


P.S Do you keep comparing yourself to others?, watch this video

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