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7 Ways To Become Unstoppable

You might wonder why you would or should want to be an unstoppable force?.

People who are unstoppable are people who tend to be relentless. They tend to get what they want and view themselves as extraordinary people. Unfortunately, most people crumble at the first sign of difficulty. This does not mean they are weak, it just means that all people are “human”

People tend to live in “protection” mode..

It’s human nature to protect your assets, both financial and human. However, too much protection and comfort seeking can lead to a rather lethargic lifestyle, where not much happens apart from getting through it. Here’s how “unstoppable” could look for you.

  1. Being able to achieve a lifestyle free of a boss
  2. Having time freedom to spend a lot more precious moments with family and friends
  3. Being able to travel the world when you want instead of asking for time off from a boss
  4. Earning income while you sleep and from any location in the world.

OK, that’s just a taste. Obviously if time and money were no object, you would have your own idea of what an unstoppable life would mean to you. Everyone is an individual and we all like and want different things..

Sounds crazy, but..

Talking about things we like. I wonder if any kid ever said to his or her dad. “Dad, when I grow up I would love to work for 40 or 50 years doing a job I don’t really like. I would love to come home each night feeling dead tired”

I don’t thinks so..

YET, according to a 2022 Gallup poll, over 60% of people feel disinterested and unhappy with their current job. This means that only 4 out of 10 people in the workforce are actually happy with what they do.

Ok, let’s cut to the chase and get to the 7 things that can make a person “Unstoppable”

STEP ONE: Be your own creator.

In other words, instead of being a carbon copy of everyone else and rely on someone else to provide your income, your lifestyle, your happiness and peace of mind. Create it yourself by being creative.

We are all selling something, whether it’s our time to a boss or our ideas to a partner. Make the thing/s that you sell – products of your own creation. And sell as many as possible to the marketplace.

Don’t just sell your time. Time is more valuable than anything we possess and most people sell it far too cheaply.

Think, Create & Sell.

STEP 2. Punch fear in the face.

Most things we fear never actually happen, yet fear controls our emotions and leaves us weak. Fear of failure is ridiculous as we need failure on the pathway to success. All successes are built on a sequence of several failures. It’s getting up after failure that really counts..

Risk is with us every day. The Coronavirus took many, many lives away. The Ukraine/Russia war has killed many people and sent fuel prices sky high, the recent earthquake in Turkey has killed thousands of innocent people. Life is not safe, it’s not meant to be, it’s full of twists and turns, it’s meant to be lived. Risk is all around us, by always “playing safe” you never truly get to sample life’s riches. You have plenty of time to play safe when you’re dead.

Risk a bit. There’s no need to risk your house or risk everything but we can all risk something..

The comfort muscle that keeps people poor is not something you want to keep exercising your entire life, start taking small risks, then lead to greater ones. Find something that you love doing, find a way to monetize it, then teach it to others for money.

STEP 3. Put a dent in the Universe

We’re here to put a dent in the universe.  Otherwise why else even be here?” – Steve Jobs

Make a difference. Leave the world a better place than when you came in. Every person has something special. We all have gifts we can give to others. We all want to feel significant. One of the best ways to feel significant is by making others feel significant. Help others to be all they can be. Learn it, teach it and earn it.

Don’t fear life, don’t fear loss, carry on regardless and make your mark. Always be moving forward and never look back. You recover the pain of the past by improving the path of your future.

Step 4. Visualize it first in your mind.

There are a lot of good books around on visualization I don’t think people really “get” the whole vizualisation thing. They think that simply by imagining something in your mind is NOT possible to bring it into reality – And I agree with this.

True Visualization is so much more than this.

It’s not just visualising, it’s using the senses too. Visualization is a mind movie that you star in yourself.

You are already sending signals to your brain everyday. These can be good or bad. If you have a low opinion of yourself, subconsciously you are allowing others to see you this way too. How you see yourself either attracts or repels others to you. What you visualize in your mind and lead the mind to believe eventually enters your reality – one way or the other.

What we tell ourselves is not always true of course. Human beings lie to themselves a lot. We tend to tell ourselves things like we are “stupid” or are “ugly” or that we are not capable. Much of this is a lie. But, our subconscious does not know the truth from a lie so it helps to bring what we think about into reality.

Stop lying to yourself. Of course you are more – much more.

Don’t concentrate on the lack of things, you’ll just get more of the same. Focus on the solution, not the problem. The powerful subconscious goes to work to fulfil your wishes. What you concentrate on the most, comes into being… however, to make this work on cue and to make good things come to you, do the following.

  1. Imagine in picture form in your mind what you want (not what you don’t want)
  2. Now use “feelings” to feel the images, try to feel by hearing, by touching, by smell.
  3. Now see yourself in this image. Hear, see, smell and touch.

This takes practice. But once you master this, it’s priceless.

Do this daily, over and over until it becomes a reality. This is how to visualize anything into your life, You could already be using this technique to attract things that you don’t want. Use it to get things you do want.

Step 5. Fight Back Over Negativity

We are bombarded with hundreds of negative images and sounds every day. Facebook, Twitter and Tick Tock images, negative friends, the News, ads telling you about this disaster and that disaster. It all builds up and shapes our thinking and our actions.

The Majority of us lean toward the negative. In fact, for many, this is the default way of thinking. Never have people been more cynical than now.

People are terrified of being ripped-off, taken advantage off, not being good enough, not living up to other’s expectations, etc, etc.

No wonder people are afraid. The news and Social media would not survive without bad things to tell you daily. This is transmitted to your brain every day. Your brain receives all of this negativity and turns it into a movie that your subconscious picks up on. Some negative friends will add to the mix, turning your day into a fearful experience. This is why so many human beings are afraid to express their true selves, they live in fear of what’s coming next.

It’s a fight, but it’s a fight you have to win. Nothing good comes from negative thinking. What people don’t realise is that constant fear and constant exposure to negativity eventually wears your defences down and you become sick, either mentally or physically, or worse – both.

People who are unstoppable don’t have time for negative chit-chat. They couldn’t give a crap how the government is doing, they are too busy building a better life. Let’s be honest, high worth individuals don’t have time for small-talk and negative thinking, blaming and all that sh*t that people like to partake in and spread around daily.

Separate yourself from the drama..

Work on yourself daily. Feed your mind with good visuals, positive reading and listening matter. Cancel all that daily dirt that TV spreads to the population and refill your brain with positive and hopeful messages. Buy positive audio’s from Audible and positive books from Amazon.

Step 6 – Focus

I know people who have been trying to make money on the Internet without success for 10 years or more, and I know why they haven’t had success.

The internet is like a huge candy store. It’s full of tempting opportunities. When there is so much choice, human beings often find it hard to make one. Then, once they do, they tend to make several, in the hope that one is good.. a bit like Russian roulette. ADHD is rife on the internet as it is a huge distraction.

Whatever you want to be successful at, whether it is creating your own business on the Internet, your own daycare nursery or becoming an author, if you don’t focus on the job at hand, you’ll never reach the goal. Focus is very much a part of developing an unstoppable mindset as focusing on something long enough and matching that focus with action WILL bring it into reality in the end.

The problem lies where people give up too soon. Only around 3% ever make any worthwhile money on the Internet, it’s not that the 97% who don’t are incapable, it’s because the 97% are either totally unfocused, unmotivated, lazy, or they give up too soon.

SUCCESS is not reserved just for the rich or incredibly brainy. It’s there for you to get your piece of the pie. The trouble is many people settle for crumbs.

Do one thing at a time. don’t try to run several businesses all at once, choose one and get good at that first before adding another income stream. And when you do add another stream of income make it relatable to the first. This way the product or service is similar and people will buy multiple products from you.

My business is books. I self-publish books, mainly in the self-help niche. BUT, I also have writers and creators doing other books for me such as adult coloring books and puzzle books. I’m creating other streams of income but it’s all related.

Step 7. Find Your True Purpose

I’ve left this till last as I consider it the most important and will probably you may take some time to really figure this out. I know there are a ton of guru’s out there that keep telling you to follow your passion. This is OK, but if you are tied to the 9-5, it’s often hard to follow that passion (except maybe at the weekend).

I would add this caveat: Find your true purpose, your true calling, your passion, whatever you want to call it, then monetize it. YES, you heard me correctly..

It’s no good being passionate about origami if you can’t make money from it. Maybe you can, who knows?, but the whole idea is to be able to LIVE your passion. The only way you can do this is to not have to worry about money, and for most, right now, that will take a massive shift in thinking.

If your passion is TRAVEL. find an income stream that allows you to travel whilst getting paid. Many people live this life as a digital nomad.

Find your true purpose. Maybe you are great at giving advice, maybe you would love to buy and sell cars, maybe you would love a self-publishing business, no matter what, start it off and do it part-time until you can do it full time.

Look, most people are full-time doing stuff they don’t like, for a boss. Why continue this hopeless path until you’re 65. Sure, it pays the bills for now but where is it getting you in the long run?. Most people are broke at 65, even after 40 or 50 years of hard work. You don’t have to spend your life working hard, you can spend your life working smart.

Working Smart

Working smart means leveraging your time so that other people make money for you. For instance:

Self Publishing. You don’t have to stock or sell books yourself. You get others to write them, then sell them on platforms like Amazon, or in Audiobook form on Audible.

Print On Demand: Mugs, T-Shirts etc. Get others to create designs, sell items on Amazon, Etsy & Ebay that are fulfilled by POD (Print On Demand) merchants. You keep no stock, you do no shipping, you just get the designs done (or do them yourself) and list the products.

I could list a ton of ideas here like Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Web Design etc, etc All of these things work, but find something you could spend your life doing. Then monetize it.

It’s not rocket science. Making money online is only hard at first. Once you figure out how to make $10, you are on your way to making $100, then $1000 etc, etc. SOON, you will become unstoppable and you’ll be making more in a month than you currently make in a year and so on and so on as it snowballs.

I hope you liked this post. I’ve spilled my guts here with useful ideas. If you got value from it, please do leave a comment below, and share this post.

Thanks in advance.


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