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How To Make Money From Other People’s Problems

How To Make Money?” If you ask anyone on the planet (apart from babies) “do you want more money, most people will say “yes”.

2022, looks like a particularly hard year for most people. We’ve just come out of a pandemic, Putin declares war on Ukraine, and all of a sudden the world has gone crazy again. Fuel prices have skyrocketed and food prices are following. People have less money in their pockets now and it all looks a bit desperate for many.

I would think that home repossessions and bankruptcys will increase alarmingly during 2022

People in the UK could be spending an extra $2000 a year on domestic fuel and currently, we are experiencing a 33% rise in petrol and diesel prices compared with 2021. How do people find all this extra money? It’s not going to come from wage increases.

How To Make Money From Home – A Business That Actually Works

Sure, there can be short-term relief like selling all your unwanted stuff on eBay or cutting people’s lawns and cleaning cars… But, really, who wants to do all that?

The Best Business in the entire world, in my opinion, is the information business, solving problems via electronic means. Most products and services are targeting some kind of a problem. However, I’m talking about a business where we can switch and ditch between different problems if needs be.

The Book business. Self-Publishing.

People have a ton of problems. You have them, I have them, everyone has them. You’ll never get a life free of problems, it’s virtually impossible.

Publishing During The Pandemic

Around 18 months ago during the pandemic, I started a publishing business, selling books on Amazon. I did this because self-publishing is a very workable business built on a strong foundation. Many businesses you see online are flimsy principles built on unsteady foundations. Books are good, people will always like and buy books.

Most of the books I’ve published so far have been books to help solve people’s problems. This really is the secret to success online, find a need and fill it. If you want a sustainable business that is going to keep paying you month after month, start at the bottom, work your way up and sell something of value.

Create products around people’s problems. There are tons of problems in the world. People just love to buy a book or a course that will help them solve it. The information business is growing year on year.

Find The Problem – Sell The Answer

There are no shortages of problems. The world is full of them. For instance, I could write about how to cure your acne from home without expensive creams or medicines. Maybe I’ll aim the book at spotty teenage boys. As long as I define exactly who my audience is and speak DIRECTLY to them, there is no reason why people should not buy my book.

What are you struggling with?. Are other people struggling with the very same thing?. Problems are never unique to us. whether it’s lack of money, lack of friends, lack of love, spotty faces or sweaty armpits, there are lots of people to sell to.

Find a niche that’s in demand and aim to become an expert in that niche. Choose a niche where you can write more than one book. Write a whole series. Choose problems to solve that are all year-round problems (evergreen). This way you will make sales all year round.

NOW, create the book.

Here is the formula I’ve used over and over to sell books. REMEMBER this. Writing a book is not like creating a very long blog post. The chapters you write have to make sense and they need to appear in logical order.

You first have to write the outline. This is the skeleton of what the book will look and sound like. You create the structure of your chapters and the overall flow of the book this way. You then use this outline to either create this book yourself or send the outline to a ghostwriter to create the book for you.

I have created many books both written by myself and also I’ve created many books that have been written by a ghostwriter.

Writing A Book

A book has several stages. You have the disclaimer or copyright page, the table of contents. Next comes the introduction, then you follow on with your chapters, rounding the book off with the conclusion and your list of resources. For more information on how to do this, check this out.

You will need your manuscript edited, proofread, and formatted, you will then need to add your book cover. You could design the cover yourself in Canva, or you can always find someone on Fiverr or Upwork to do it for you. I use Velum for formatting the book. This makes the interior look very nice and readable.

Once I’ve finished the manuscript and have the book cover, I will create some text for the description on Amazon, and then upload everything to KDP Amazon. I will create the kindle book first. Then follow up with the paperback. I sometimes create a hardback version to.

Once the kindle book has been published, I can now connect KDP Amazon to ACX Audible, ready to create an audiobook. What I’m doing here is repurposing the original manuscript into a Kindle, Paperback, Hardback, and Audiobook version of the same book.

Obviously, to explain the whole process in a blog post is very difficult, I have the complete information on how to do this right here.

Take Time to Learn The Process

It might sound a bit complex at the moment but it isn’t. There are many people in the self-publishing business who have ordinary jobs and go on to make an extra $1k – $10k a month using this very process I’m explaining here. I’ve even seen people making upwards of $20k a month.

Once you have your books published on Amazon, you can market your books to get more eyeballs on your book listings. Most self-published authors create a book and never do any marketing. This is a big mistake as you can get your books to make a lot more money if you drive traffic to them. And I’m not talking about spending silly money on marketing either.

I use amazon ads, youtube, and a blog to get traffic to my books. Once you have your blog set up, the costs are very small, youtube is free and amazon ads can be paid for by setting a small daily budget.

The long and the short of it is, that you can outsource a lot of the work. You can outsource the writing if you don’t feel confident to write, you can outsource the book cover design and the editing etc. Read this if you want more info.

And last but not least.

Don’t give up. If it costs you $1000 to get started, or even $2000 it’s a great investment for you. That investment will look cheap if you end up making several thousand dollars a month. And if you do it all yourself, you can get started for next to nothing.

We all have to get money from somewhere. It’s expensive just to keep afloat. Most people do not have an emergency fund if something serious goes wrong. It makes sense to run a side business alongside your normal job. In the USA 60% of the population already does this.

I’ve been in business for over 40 years and since the arrival of the internet for commercial purposes nearly 30 years ago, the information business still looks like the best way to make money online. You need literally no stock, if you choose self-publishing, it’s all done for you on a print-on-demand basis, so you have no stock to buy. The risks are fairly low.

I hope you got value from this post. If you did, please leave a comment below and share the post.

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