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Why Making Money From Home Is So Hard For Most People

There are many ways to make money from home, however, very few people actually end up making a full-time living from it, in fact, many make nothing at all. There are multiple reasons for this, and it’s impossible for me to cover them all in just one blog post, but I’ll cover the main ones below.

Reason 1. An unrealistic expectation. It’s definitely not easy. I think a lot of people get this grand idea that all it takes is pressing a few buttons here and there and you’re made for life. This simply isn’t true. Some online gurus in the past have given people the idea that it’s an easy game, but the figures show that less than 3% actually make any real money. The dinosaur gurus mention phrases like “Autopilot Income, “Business In A Box” etc, etc.

These phrases are used less and less now as people are beginning to wise up to online marketing bullsh*t.

The truth is, making a living online, at home or from any business takes hard work. Think of the 40 or 50 hours a week that you put into your job, if you just sat there and did nothing or very little, it wouldn’t be long before you were fired. Any work-from-home business will require careful planning and lots of hard work to make it work.

Smoke And Mirrors

Reason 2. No Money. This is quite common. Yes, there are certain tools that you can find online for free, however, there is no logic in expecting to make money from something that you weren’t prepared to put any in. This smoke and mirror approach is what sucks a lot of suckers into money-for-nothing schemes that grace the Internet.

Stick to the fundamentals. Give people a reason to buy from you. Give value and give them great customer service.

Basically, you make or buy something and then sell it. Or you can provide a service. Either way, there are expenses. Yes, you can make things for free and sell them for money but you still need money to advertise and run the business itself. You certainly can run a business from home for a low cost but it is unwise to try and do it all for free. Money, used wisely, makes money.

Don’t spend years trying to find the perfect FREE business. The chances are you WON’T. Invest in yourself and your business. Be prepared to lose money at first. Bet on yourself rather than investing in someone else’s schemes.

Making Money From Home – Go All In

Reason No 3. Unwilling to go the whole way. This is very common. What I mean by this is that most people are not willing to deal with the downside of running a home business. They are attracted to the “upside” but are not willing to be patient enough to see it through. Starting a home business is about delayed gratification, ups and downs and many failures.

Go all in. don’t sit on the fence.

Starting a business from home will upset the status quo. There will be less time for the things you normally do, like family time etc. These are the initial costs of starting a business. Money may also get tight. However.

It’s worth it.

This could be one of the best things you ever do as working from home in your own home business can eventually give you more freedom, a lot more income and time to enjoy the good things in life. A home business means you don’t have to keep looking for jobs, working for horrible bosses or commuting to work 5 or 6 days a week.

Reason No 4. Some people are just too lazy. I know this is not nice, but it’s true. Working for yourself takes too much effort for some. Being your own boss is nothing like working for one.

Working for yourself is totally different. There is no fixed monthly payment arriving in your bank account each month in the form of wages. You have to create your own income and follow a plan of your own making, you probably won’t make any money in the first six months or so and it will be all payout during those early months.

There you have it…

On a more positive side. If you are prepared to put the work in and can be patient, working from home can be absolutely amazing. No more commutes, no more lousy bosses, no more begging for a pay rise or being told when you can have a holiday.

I hope this post gave you some value. If it did, please do leave a comment below and share the post.



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