Keith Everett

7 SECRETS They Don’t Want You To Know

The world is full of secrets. The world is also full of opinions, said to be true and subsequently masquerading as the facts. In this crazy Upside Down world, things that were once proven to be facts can quickly turn out to be untrue.

Challenge everything. Even seemingly honest people tell porkies now and again..

Here are 7 powerful secrets that challenge the status quo. After all, not everyone wants you to know these as it could just give you an unfair advantage..

SECRET NO 1. Not all education is good for you.

Despite our teaching systems providing wonderful hard-working teachers and many safe environments for us to learn in (this does not apply to all countries) – a lot of what we are taught in school will never be used.

In our very first school, we are taught to read and write and also math amongst other things.

This is very useful as it’s basic education that we need. In our upper school we are taught how to get a job and how to pass tests.

We are being prepared to join the workforce, conform and fit in with the majority of the population.

If the majority of the population were always right and were worth fitting in with, this might be a good thing, however we only have to look at people nearing retirement to figure out that this strategy is flawed and not all it’s cracked up to be.

At retirement:

95% of people will be living on less than they earned. Many of these people will still be in debt.

4% will have to “downsize” in order to live at the same standard they had before retirement

1% will be financially free. Just 1%, after an entire lifetime of working for others.

Not everyone wants to spend their life in someone else’s employ. After all, the boss of the company teachers are aiming their students at to join , probably had different ideas about education when they were at school. They didn’t strive to “fit in”, they wanted to “stand out”.

It would be much more useful to teach people how to be responsible for themselves. Life lessons should be taught in school. How to cook, clean and fix a car, and maybe run their own business if that’s what they are interested in. After all, it’s the people who run their own businesses that employ most of the workforce. It doesn’t make sense to NOT teach this in school.

Without the business owners, the millionaires and the billionaires, the workforce would all be working for the state or for charities. Being an entrepreneur, being your own boss, is a valuable lesson to teach people at school.

After we learn the basics like reading, writing, Math and English we should create our own menu of what we want to learn. This puts us on the road to creating our own destiny. Not, what someone else thinks we should be doing.

SECRET NO 2. People Do The Strangest Things

All of our actions and thoughts, every day are based on our perception of our reality. However, as human beings, we often interpret things differently from what is actually happening to us. For example, what we think people are thinking about us may be very different from what they actually are. Every person you know has a slightly different perception of you. You can’t really second guess (and why would you?) what someone thinks about you..

People don’t always reveal their truth feelings about you.

Social media has created a breed of people who wouldn’t feel out of place in the twilight zone.

People feel the need to show off their good side This feeds the “i’m better than you” crowd who insist on telling you every good (and sometimes bad) thing they do.

This often makes others feel LESS. Comparisons with others is not always a healthy thing. People then have to create a false reality by trying to find good things to post on Facebook to keep up with them. It’s a dog eat dog world about who can impress others.

Charity: On Social Media, People don’t just give to charity, they have to show themselves doing it. It’s a bit like a circus really. Validation is one of the most desired things a human can desire. We all want to feel wanted and valued. Social media gives us a showcase to earn validation.

SECRET NO 3. What Lottery Companies Don’t Tell You.

Apart from the ridiculously low chances of winning, many of the few people who actually do win the lottery end up broke after a few short years. It has been estimated that 60% of big lottery winners end up back where they were before they won, after 10 years or less.

Why is this?

It’s simple really. People are either money savvy or they’re not. Winning a lot of money doesn’t change a person’s mentality. If money was hard to come by before the win and they’ve never saved or been privvy to large amounts before, the chances are they’ll spend, spend and spend some more, till it’s all gone.

Inherited money can have the same effect on a person. Easy money often only ever goes one way, spend it till it’s gone. Savvy people who win the lottery invest in properties and other investments. Sure, they have the time of their life, but they know that if you keep spending, it will eventually run out one day. You also gain a lot of new friends if you win the lottery.

Lottery companies only show the good side of winning (of course).

Secret NO 4. Hospitals Are Overrun With Self Inflicted Sickness

Pandemic aside, when hospitals get overrun with patients, what they don’t tell you is, as many as 60% of those patients could have avoided being in hospital had they chosen a different lifestyle. Most of these hospital admissions and deaths are attributed to: tobacco use, unhealthy diet, insufficient physical activity and harmful use of alcohol.

As human beings, we tend to not worry too much about the outcome of our actions until it’s too late. A good example of this is losing weight. Often we leave it until someone tells us we are obese or we have a heart attack before we try to fix it. Another example is the family who buys a burglar alarm because they’ve just been burgled.

We have a habit of thinking “it will never happen to me”, but of course it happens to someone and that someone could be you. The best way to lower the strain on any health service is to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle. The pandemic has introduced a whole new wave of people to healthier living, via cycling, walking etc. This can only be a good thing.

SECRET NO 5 What’s In Your Bank Account Is Measured By Your Thinking

You actually have two bank accounts. You have your physical bank account and you have your mental bank account. The two are inextricably linked. Many people will not agree with this but your cash amount that you own will fall in line with the ambition, the astuteness and habits of the bank account’s owner.

The size of your bank account tends to fall in line with the size of your thinking.

If you always spend more than you earn, any money that you have in the bank will never be yours as you’re always paying it out in debt and interest on that debt. If your mind is stuck in “employee mode”, a job .J.O.B or “Just Over Broke” will only get you so far. Unless you are earning a huge amount each year, you’ll nearly always be playing “catch up”.

In order to keep money coming into the bank on a more permanent basis, you need to spend less than you earn, then reinvest what you save or accumulate interest. Large sums of money do not come to the faint hearted, you have to be bold to make a lot of money and even then you have to keep it by reinvesting it or gaining interest.

The bigger your thoughts, the bigger your bank account. In this day and age where fuel bills and rising inflation is causing untold problems for people, you need to be even more creative. Don’t keep pointing fingers at the government and fuel companies in the hopes that they will throw you a bone or two, create another line of income that will sail you through the hard times.

I appreciate if you are 95, there is not much scope for earning extra income but for most people, anything is possible.

SECRET N0 6. You Really Can Have It All

We’ve already covered education. The truth is, education does not always decide your position in life, if it did most millionaires and billionaires would be geniuses, whereas it’s clear that many are not. In fact many did not even finish school, let alone go to college. Many millionaires today come from new money and are just people from humble beginnings like me and you.

I truly believe that people with ambition can achieve anything with hard work, an aptitude for being bold and a knack for overcoming challenges. There is so much free education online now that the only reason people lack success is down to a lack of ambition and/or not willing to overcome the challenges of change.

Change Is Never Easy

Change is hard for a lot of people, however by not changing, sometimes life has a habit of shoving you in the direction of change anyway. A lot of this cannot be explained but lessons are all around us and some come out of the blue from unexpected people and places.

You hear stories ever day of people rising from poverty to starting successful companies from their basement or bedroom. One thing is for sure, if you are determined enough, you can do anything. You don’t have to settle for being like everyone else, the majority are NOT always right.

We all only have a certain amount of time left. We were not put on this planet to just survive, pay bills and die. There is so much more to life than the circles in which we all live in. Widen the circles, experience life more through growth. Create more income to pay for more travel and freedom. You don’t have to stick in the same old job, same old town, same old country forever.

You really can have it all. Making more money is not bad, it’s good. Money helps pay for further education, it helps to pay for better food, better vacations, better houses, a better life.

SECRET NO 7. The Black Stain Of Death

I’ve left this till last because for some it is the final frontier. Whatever happens after death (if anything) I don’t think it can be any worse than a life where someone hasn’t really lived.

Many people are sleeping awake. They just repeat today over and over. Death is worse for the people we leave behind as they are morning a lifelong relationship, a mother, a father, a son or daughter. Someone who meant so much to them. The person who has gone is now at rest and either experiencing eternal sleep or they have started a new life somewhere else. This movie of their life is over and the sequel will hopefully be a better one.

Don’t Fear Death

Death is not something to be feared, it’s inevitable, just like taxes, but life should not be feared either. Some people seem so afraid to really live, they seem at a loss as to what to do next, how to get out of their current situation and how to move on or move away from a bad relationship. As I mentioned earlier, there is a sign for everything. Unfortunately we often ignore the signs, we ignore our gut feeling to our peril and we end up suffering for that decision.

The universe moves in mysterious ways. Life often ends abruptly for people who suffer and life often extends to many years far beyond the normal for the happy. Life comes with all kinds of warnings but even with all the sour experiences, life is still very sweet.

Failures and sad events all come with lessons. Whoever the big guy/or woman is that rules the sky’s throwing down occasional thunderbolts to wake us up is, they only want the best for you. Live each day not as your last, live it as the adventure it really is, if your life is not going where you want it to, change it. If your mind or heart is telling you that you are stuck, re-educate yourself. Never lose faith in your ability, you are far more powerful than you actually realise.


I hope you got some value from this post. If you did, please do leave your thoughts below in the comments.

Have a great day.


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