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Living The Dream, Saying “YES” To Yourself

I get it. We all get “stuck” at times and each day can become just another repeat of the day before. Although we all like a bit of certainty in our life, sometimes that certainty and security can lead to an unfulfilling life of boredom.

Certainty, and living a risk-free existence will never lead to freedom, our houses can end up as being our own personal jails locking us into mortgage payments for the next 25 years or so. Sure, it’s great to own your own home but to what personal cost does it come?

Saying “yes” to freedom is not just something other people do, it’s not just something you can do in your twenties until you get hitched and locked into a long-term relationship. Freedom is not locking yourself into anything you might want to escape from later. People from all walks of life, with or without kids hit the road in their thousands, every year.

Nowadays with the internet in full swing and many hundreds of thousands of people, possibly millions making a living online, anything is possible. You no longer have to lock yourself into a 50-year program of working for a boss.

People hit the road at all ages. sure, it’s more widespread amongst younger people without commitments but a lot of families do it too. Travel offers up one of the best education programs ever for you and your kids. Many Americans spend large chunks of time travelling the US in RV’s giving their kids an education on the road.

Saying Yes To Yourself

What tends to happen, as we get older, decision-making gets harder as the neural pathways our repetitive actions carve onto our brain get deeper and harder to break. We convince ourselves that “one-day” things will change, however, for many, that day never comes, “life gets in the way” and that’s my point – life should be the way, it’s not something that “gets in the way”

When you finally make that last mortgage payment, you’re in your 50’s (or maybe 60’s) and now you have the funds to go travelling and see the world. WHAT HAPPENS?. something else crops up… “I can’t go now” because I have a life-threatening disease, or “we can’t move now” because mum, or dad is sick… in the end, it doesn’t happen.

Say YES NOW!!! whilst you still have your health.. forget the bucket list, this might become your “I’ve kicked the bucket list”. Do that damn bucket list now.. .You never know what’s around the corner..

We all have choices. Are you stuck?. Are you a tree?. We can change our circumstances right now if we want to. “What if you had to?” Sometimes things happen to you that force you into making different decisions…

Don’t wait to live your dream, you might get sick, or worse something life-changing could happen. Be in control, be your own boss, say YES!!!!

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