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what is the laptop lifestyle

What Is The Laptop Lifestyle?

What is the Laptop Lifestyle?. The Laptop Lifestyle is  where you cease to become location dependent and you choose to  earn your living via the Internet. More and more people each year are creating Internet based businesses that finance their lifestyle. 

And it’s not just restricted to singletons or couples. There is an increase in the number of families that “go rogue” and opt for the “have laptop will travel” life. 

Obviously if you have children of school age, this becomes a little more difficult, but it’s not impossible or people wouldn’t do it.

In a World where being sceptical seems to be the rule, people are wary of those who earn their living from the Internet, but this as many would see it is the new way forward. Gone are the days where you needed a static job or you ended up on the streets.

Modern day entrepreneurs are Kings or Queens of the Internet, often referred to as “Digital Nomads”. We choose to work where we wish and if we can see the World at the same time whilst doing that, then so be it.

Both videos in this post are from my journey to Budapest, Hungary in 2017. Living this lifestyle is open to all who dare to venture forward and embrace the unknown. Life can get pretty much repetitive and very few people ever get to see much of the World. Venturing into the Laptop Lifestyle World  can be life changing to say the least. 

Anyone can start out by creating an online business selling affiliate products. I have friends who are online coaches, social media experts and even house & pet sitters. Any business that can be operated via the nearest Wifi spot can give you a life of travel and freedom.

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