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Portmeirion – The Magical North Wales Village

portmeirion accomodationPortmeirion is situated in the Welsh county or Merioneth, North Wales. This Italian renaissance style village was built by Welsh architect Clough Williams-Ellis from 1925 to 1973.

I came here for a second visit in 2017, after coming here in the 1980’s

Portmeirion opened it’s doors to the public in 1926. It is open to the public every day except Christmas Day and several events are held there throughout the year including concerts, antique fairs and Festival Number 6 which is a multi award-winning music, arts and culture festival.

Portmeirion was also the location of the 1960’s Cult TV series “The Prisoner” starring Irish/American actor Patrick Mcgoohan. This television series is celebrated every year with the “Six of One”. This is the official and only “Prisoner” society which enthusiasts can join as members. 

Patrick McGoohan was the society Honorary President from 1977 until his passing in 2009. His daughter actor Catherine McGoohan was the special guest at PortmeiriCon 2014.

Tickets for all events including admission to the village can be purchased from the village website

I can really recommend a visit to the village, it is a very strange place, piped throughout by Italian opera music. There are cafes and even a human chess set. Expect the unexpected here, it makes a great day out.

Take a camera with you, there are no shortage of photo opportunities. The village is probably one of the strangest in the World, but in a very nice way. Admission prices are very fair and you just never know who you will bump in to.

portmeirion village north wales I bumped into someone in the Ice Cream parlour who has now become a very good friend. This is one of the many nice things about travel and the laptop lifestyle. Working on the Internet gives you the freedom to see the World and enjoy the freedom of earning your income on the go.

I hope this post was informative, next time you are in Wales, don’t forget to spend the day here in Portmeirion. Please do share this post and leave a comment below.

Thanking you in advance.


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