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how to make money online for free

How To Make Money Online For Free

How to make money online for free? It’s not difficult once you know how. And although it’s preferable to have a start-up bank of capital to start any business, it’s not always necessary. The recent pandemic and war in Ukraine has hit a lot of people hard. Having just one source of income (your job) is not really such a good idea in 2023.

In the USA, 60% of Americans now have another source of income other than their job. It is far less in the UK as here we still think a job is enough security even though having a sole source of income is a bit like playing Russian Roulette with your finances..

The internet has been around for commercial use since 1995, in this time thousands of people all over the world have managed to create life-changing incomes from it. Although most people fail at it, it’s not the fault of the internet, it has more to do with people’s attitudes towards making money online.

When you speak to people about adding an income stream or two to their existing job income they often hit you with one or two reasons (excuses) why they can’t do it.

  1. I Have No Capital (this is why you need another source of income)
  2. No Time (everyone has the time, you mean you don’t have a strategy to create the time)

Time is always going to be a problem for people as they already have their time mapped out and tend to repeat those actions every week, however anyone can find a couple of hours per week to start a side hustle.

The Internet has made it possible for people to run profitable businesses from home without having to pay for premises. It’s now possible to sell products and services from home without having to buy stock or actually run the service yourself.

GONE are the days when you need to spend thousands or even hundreds of thousands to get a business off the ground. Most internet businesses can be started with fairly low (or even zero) capital. In my 40 years of being in business TODAY is the bet time ever to start a business..


OK, so how can I start a business from scratch with NO money?

Everyone knows something, if you have zero online skills you can quickly learn most things for free from YouTube. Your job will only get you so far, what you can learn in your spare time will determine what you can earn in your side hustle or business.. and I’m not talking about going back to college or anything like that..

Ask yourself this question. “What skill or skills do I have that other people would be willing to pay for”? Now ask yourself another question “What skills could I learn in the next 3-6 months that people would pay me for”?

Maybe you can speak Spanish fluently, maybe you know how to do book-keeping, perhaps you are a good writer?. Whatever you know now or can learn in the next 3-6 months, monetize it.

How To Make Money Online – Free, No Money Down

Business No1. Translation Service – Skills Required. Writing Skills, full comprehension of the Language.

Many companies are looking for translators to make their content readable in other languages. Self-publishers especially are always looking to have their books translated from English to Spanish, German, French etc.

There are no actual start-up costs for this business. You can create an account on Upwork which has professionals from all backgrounds and countries trading with each other, or you could start your translation business on Fiverr while you are still new and finding your feet.

Here are more tips to start your translation business.

Business No 2. The No Money Down Book Cover Business. Skills required – Zero

This is one of my favorite no-money down businesses. Self-publishing is a huge industry. It’s also a growing industry with more and more new self-publishers coming online every day. However, Authors, Self Publishers are NOT graphic artists. Most people who write books don’t also have the skills to create good book covers.

This is where you come in.

There are many good book cover creators on Fiverr whose prices range from $10 to a $100. Personally, I tend to go for the better designers on there who charge around $20 for a cover. Most of these designers have up to three levels of service starting around $10, then rising to $35 & $75, you can offer three levels too. Each different level offers more choices.

You simply advertise your service on Upwork or any other platform including your own website if you have one for a bigger price than you can fulfil the order for on Fiverr, and then pocket the difference. This is called gig broking and can be used for an array of services.

How To Make Money Online – A Ghostly Business

Business No 3. Become A Ghostwriter. Skills required – Good Writing Skills

Ghostwriting is very popular as there are thousands of people who want to write books but simply don’t know how. Many people turn to a ghostwriter, many celebrities don’t write their own books, they simply give the ghostwriter an outline of what they want. The “author”will also supply the ghostwriter with links to find further information online on the subject matter.

The Ghostwriter completes the book and hands it back to the client when finished. It doesn’t have to be a book, clients everywhere want writers for articles, blog posts, short stories, sales descriptions, capture page descriptions etc. If it’s in print, people want it. You can quite easily start this business off part-time.

Advertise your service on sites such as Fiverr or Upwork. Once you have been doing it a while and you feel confident, you could join sites such as Urban Writers, where they will get the work for you.

Business No 4. Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

Think about your hobby for a moment. It could be fishing, train spotting, basket weaving, crocheting, remote control models, photography.. etc, etc..

Think about the products you buy to support your hobby?.

Why not create your own products to sell to others. People spend small fortunes supporting their leisure activities. You can grab yourself a large chunk of this pie.

You could:

Write a book on how to get the most out of your hobby, create a free website and sell your book on there. Also, you could sell your book on Amazon, Draft2Digital, Lulu, etc.

Publish a FREE newsletter and get people to opt-in with their email address to receive their copies. you can then market to all these targeted people.

Create a course on how to make the most of their hobby and sell it on Udemy or Gumroad

Create designs for Mugs, T.shirts etc and sell them by Print on Demand on Etsy

When people love their hobby, they will spend money. People love anything connected to whatever leisure activity they love. You can position yourself as an expert and once you have their name and email address you can send them lots of free content followed by your special offers.

OK, this post is getting a bit long. I’ve capped it at 4 business ideas you can start for literally no money. All of the above are popular and will remain so. Test one idea out at a time, if you like it, go large and earn yourself a serious side income.

Have a great day


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