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How To Make Money By Letting It Go

Money disappears very quickly. There are a lot of people struggling to make ends meet. The Taxman takes his share before you even get your wages. With what’s left after tax you then pay tax again on the things you buy.

You are trying to feed yourself and your family but you are also feeding the government too. We all have to pay tax but if you work for yourself you do get a chance to use tax breaks, these are legal breaks that you can use to your advantage. No wonder people hang on to money very tightly as for many it’s hard to come by… however,

Money makes money. Although money buys us the necessities of life, it can also be used as a tool to make more. Hanging on to it too tightly can actually restrict how much we make in the future.

Money is one of the most powerful and influential resources in the world. It can provide a sense of security, freedom, and control over your life. However, for some people, the idea of letting go of money can be a source of both fear and anxiety. In this blog post, i’ll explore why people are so afraid to let money go and what can be done to overcome this fear.

Money, Let It Go And Fill Your Boots

First and foremost, money represents a sense of security and stability in our lives. However, it can also stop you from achieving your goals if you keep suppressing the use of it. How?, well, the average person has a far greater motivation to NOT lose a $100 than they do to make a new $100.

This fear of letting go causes a problem if you are trying to improve your financial circumstances as nearly all ways of making more money come with some risk.

Risk is all around us. Managed risk is a far better strategy than leaving things to chance. This is very risky, anything can happen. In order to be in control you have to take back control. We tend to plan our lives, partner, marriage, kids, house, job etc quite well but very few of us have a financial plan.

The more you cling to money, the more you admit to yourself and to the universe that your life is not abundant and you have clear fear about money. The truth is, there is an unlimited abundance of everything out there if people would just let go and believe in themselves.

I see it all the time on the internet.

Strangely enough, people have no problem spending $1000 on the latest iPhone, yet they have a problem with investing $1000 in a business. We are all consumers and creators in this life, however our life can take more of a downward turn if consuming – greatly outweighs creating.

Let me say that again…

Our life can take more of a downward turn if consuming – greatly outweighs creating

People tend to live a life of working and consuming. This to some is balance, but to those who want to create a better life, this is not the right formula. Spend your life creating with a little consuming is a much better way to keep more money pouring into your life. And this way gives you even more money to let go of by investing it. Rich people continually create and invest, broke people continually consume, less is more, spend less invest more…

People’s attitude toward rich people is often a sad reflection of their own. They see rich people as having more than they should have and don’t see all the hard work most rich people put in in the beginning. Rich people tend to consume less in order to afford to invest more.

Don’t fear letting go of money. Use it wisely, it’s a tool that can make you more. Money sitting in a low interest account may be safe but with inflation, it’s hardly a good financial plan. It’s more of a safety net.

The Tale Of Two Bank Accounts

We all have two bank accounts. One is your mental bank account and the other is your physical bank account, the one that you keep your money in.

Our mental bank account determines how we feel about money and will determine the size of our physical bank account. How big we think determines how much we have. Although our self worth has nothing to do with our net worth, people do tend to have more confidence, the more money they have.

A Quick Side Note: We’ve talked a lot about money here and it is true, money although it can’t buy happiness, it certainly can upgrade your life and buy you things that can make you happy. It can also give you a lot of freedom. Also, being able to give money to good causes can make you happy.

In conclusion:

You make money by letting it go. A job will probably never make you rich, you could use leverage to work less and earn more, my book “Millionaire Mind Crush” is based on my own experience and talks about how to leverage your life and business to create financial freedom. Check it out here.

For the price of a Pizza, you could change your life. Let it go

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