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How To Make Money Online Without Losing Your Shirt

Sure, there are many ways to make money online, let’s face it, the dream of passive income bouncing into your bank account every day sounds CRAZY good…

The reality, however, is very different…

This post is all about removing your old head that still swirls and dreams about “Easy Money”, “Push Button Business Ops” and “Business in a Box” fool ideas and replacing your thinking with a brand new head filled with sensible REAL ideas to make money online

Making money online is not impossible at all, but it is shrouded in mystery and bullsh*t

How To Make Money Online – Demystifying The Myths

The facts are, that very few people make money online consistently. There are lots of people who take a stab at making money online and may make a few dollars, but only around 3-4% actually make money consistently. Why is this?

It all boils down to a few things:

Factor 1: Many online biz-ops are either unworkable or unsustainable vague ideas with no track record. These are sold on the basis of FOMO (The Fear Of Missing Out). Thousands pour into these schemes and many never see a profit, or their money again, except the people who start them, or the people in at the very beginning.

That person then thinks that all online businesses are scams and never tries again, until maybe months or years later when a brand new FOMO scheme appears. This is a sad fact. Money-making schemes disguised as businesses are very common and many people are addicted to them, trying time and time again to make money from them.

Strange But True: Many opportunities being advertised as business opportunities are not businesses at all, they are schemes aimed at making people at the top rich but leaving people at the bottom poorer.

Factor 2: Choose the fundamentals over the get-rich-quick approach. Trying to make money quickly online nearly always has the reverse effect. People often join these schemes through desperation and/or FOMO (the fear of missing out). Starting and growing a business takes time, anything that tends to advertise itself as making money quickly tends to not be a business at all and often loses money.

Facts: Many biz ops only talk about the people who made the money and never mention the thousands who didn’t. Why would they?.

The fundamentals are: Build a strong foundation (customer base). Market to that customer base over and over again. Keep the customers happy by selling quality products and services. Build relationships with your customers and keep building them until they love you and your products.

You are your business, when people know, like, and trust you, they will want more and more of you and your products.

How To Make Money Online – Get Creative

You probably noticed that we had a little interruption lately called a pandemic. Some companies went bust, but others thrived. How?

Factor 3: Get Creative. Why would you want a carbon copy buisness that everyone esle is doing?, why say the same things as everyone else?. It’s time to be different.

No matter which online business you choose, in order to separate yourself from the crowd, you need to put your own spin on things. Thankfully, there are so many online business ideas that allow creativity these days.

Maybe you want to produce print-on-demand designs for your own T-Shirts & Mugs, maybe you want to write your own books and self-publish them, perhaps you want to create your own coloring books, puzzle books, journals etc. Put your own spin on things and get creative, because creativity sells.

I know what you might be thinking.

How do I find the time for all this stuff?. I mean, I’ve got the job, the mortgage, the kids, etc, etc.. I get that..

The truth is, you have time for other things, you can use some of that time to start building a business for yourself. That way, you won’t have to slave away for a boss for the rest of your working life. Eventually, your business will take over and if you do it right, you can create a business that you don’t have to spend the rest of your life running.

Always remember. Most people never make any real money because they spend too much time doing other things. You can quote me on that because it is the core of failure in making money online.

So, get creative. Reach deep down inside your soul and think about your hidden talent. Most people can do something, develop that something and turn it into a money-spinner. Don’t do what most people do and take the lazy way out. Don’t try to buy your way into other people’s ideas.

I may not have solved all your money problems here, but hopefully, I’ve given you some decent ideas. If you got some vlaue from this post, give it a share or be a devil and leave a comment below. What buisnesses have you tried?. did you make money?

Have a great day.


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