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how to sell more books on amazon

How To Sell More Books On Amazon – Amazon Self-Publishing

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to write a book, there are plenty of books available on Amazon, however, once you’ve written the book, the mystery of sales starts to unfold as many a book lies dormant in the underbelly of Amazon for years without making a single sale.

The truth is, most books selling on Amazon will not make more than $100 during the lifetime of that book. This might sound disappointing as you have put in so much work to get to this point.

However, there are several ways to get your book seen. Contrary to common belief, Amazon doesn’t just go ahead and market your book for you. There are millions of books on Amazon and they can’t promote them all. Amazon likes books that sell. Once you sell well, Amazon will start to show your book in front of lots of people. But, how the hell do you start selling your book from ground ZERO?.

How To Sell More Books On Amazon – Simple Steps To Get Your Book Seen

The minute you publish your book on Amazon you have around 30 days to convince them that your book is something people will want to see and buy. The Amazon algorithm in all its shrouded mystery is a secret, yet we do know some of the things Amazon is looking for.

Amazon wants to see movement on your book early on. This could be through getting reviews or people clicking on your listing and actually buying. What they don’t want to see is lots of people clicking on your book listing and NOT buying.

Amazon Ads – Although there is a sharp learning curve on Amazon ads, you would do well to learn how to use Amazon Ads before you launch your book and then budget a small amount daily to get eyeballs on your book. Go here for more details


Form a Review Group – Create a group on Facebook in the Genre of your books. Provide value each day by posting things of interest on a daily basis. When you have around 50-100 members and you have been posting for a couple of weeks, contact your members via messenger and ask them if they would like a free book in exchange for an honest review.

Many people will be interested and many will not. This is OK. Be nice to your review group, always acknowledge them when they’ve left a review. People are generally pretty good when they know you need some help. Getting a new book off the ground isn’t easy. You have to be proactive daily, especially in the first 30 days of your book’s release.

Another way to get reviews is PUBBY! – I absolutely love this company. Pubby has people waiting to read and review books. Any type of book. There is a monthly fee and you do have to review other people’s books in order to earn credits to get your books reviewed. BUT, this is a great way to get reviews on your books, and let’s be honest, books don’t sell without them.

NOTE! Amazon does not allow review swaps. This means that if someone reviews your book, you cannot review theres. Pubby has a system in place to make sure that you will never review the book of a person who reviews yours. It’s 100% safe.

How To Sell More Books On Amazon – Other Ways To Make Sales.

When you self-publish a book on Amazon, you are the writer (unless you ask a ghostwriter to write your book ), you also handle the marketing too. Don’t worry, this isn’t very hard.

Step 1. Create a blog. You create a blog in the niche of your book. If you are not technically minded, don’t worry. you can find someone on Fiverr who will create a nice blog for you for less than $100

Once you have your blog up and running, blog regularly about the topic of your niche, carefully linking each post to your book. Share your blog posts on your Social Media (Facebook etc). This blog you are reading now carries links back to my books, it also carries some discreetly placed banners along the right-hand side, advertising various books of mine.

Step 2. Create Review Videos on YouTube – This is a free way to get people to your book. Create some simple videos on your smartphone of you reviewing your book. You can even add the video to a book review blog post on your blog. This is easy, simple, and free.

Step 3. Word of Mouth. Mention your book to people, friends, family, and (with permission) in Facebook groups on the same topic. BEWARE: Don’t ask family to review your books on Amazon. Amazon frowns on reviews it feels are incentivized. The family is bound to give a good review, Amazon does not want reviews on your book from close family members. Especially members of the family from the same address as your Amazon account.

Amazon can be a strange beast. If you break their terms and conditions you can find yourself in hot water with them, at worst you can lose your account. Please read the terms and conditions before publishing to Amazon

And Finally.

If you are publishing a nonfiction book, make sure that your topic is popular. Do people buy books in that topic?, is that topic something you can publish many different books in?. Use keyword tools such as KDSPY (recommended) and make sure the relevant keywords appear in your book title and description as people will be typing in these keywords into the Amazon search engine to find relevant books.

I hope you have found value in this post. If you have, please do leave a comment below and share the post, much appreciated.

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P.S For more information on how to make sales on Amazon with your book click this link or the image below.

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