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The Schoolgirl Who Makes £110,000 a Month “Retires” At 11 Years Old

This is an incredible story.

Pixie Curtis, the daughter of PR guru Roxy Jacenko, has reportedly earned so much money through her toy business that she is now retiring to concentrate on her school work.

She is not your typical teenager. But, she is a good example of what can be achieved at any age if you have the ambition, the drive and people around you who are supportive. Her original company was a toy company that was responsible for her phenomenal earnings of £110,000 a month.

From Toys To Bows..

Her current company “Pixies Pix” is an Australian incorporated company estimated to be worth around 13 Million Australian Dollars, of which her personal stake is worth an estimated 2 Million Australian dollars. This business sells bows and headbands and took over from her previous venture, which was a toy company, when large stores in Australia showed a vested interest in her brand and literally secured her financial future.

Retired At 11

This newer company, Pixies Pix allows her brand to be licensed and used without her personal participation, ensuring that she gets the education she needs.

Although Pixie’s mum is a businesswoman who is worth many millions, Pixie’s own business was started with very little capital, but lots of hard work. We have several examples on this blog of people doing extraordinary things and I hope this encourages you to re-think any doubts you may have that success is only for certain people.

Basically, the success you want also wants you but if it were easy everyone would be doing it. Everything worth having comes with a price, be that time, a strain on close relationships or diminishing funds, however you only need to become a millionaire once, whatever floats your boat, do it now..

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