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How To Save Money And Beat The Cost Of Living Squeeze

No one needs to tell you that times are tough right now. Even companies are feeling the squeeze with less customers and higher costs. This decade has not been kind so far with a one in a 100yr pandemic followed by a one in 75 year war in Europe. And the decade has hardly started, just 3 years in.

A huge increase in domestic gas and electric, petrol, diesel & food are all sending inflation to new highs causing fuel and food poverty for many. So, what’s the answer?. Well, there are basically four ways of getting more money (legally), inherit it, win it, make it or save it. This post is about saving it but there are many posts on this blog about making it too.


Many of these money saving ideas below may already be known to you. Some vary county to country, That’s OK, however some may be new. You only need one idea to save you money so let’s dive in and save some

Saving Money


One. Stop buying branded goods. Many of the big name brands such as Heinz have added large increases during the last year. Things like supermarket own brand tomato soup and beans can be less than half the price of the big branded names and most taste equally good. Do this until these big brands reduce their prices.

Two. Shop in Supermarkets well known for their low prices. In the UK stores like Aldi and Lidl are much cheaper than some of the bigger branded supermarkets. I’ve saved up to a third on a weekly shop by using Aldi instead of Tesco. The downside is less choice, but if it’s saving you want, don’t be afraid to swap your supermarket for a while. Aldi have reportedly gained an extra 1 million customers here in the UK since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Three. Shop later in the day when goods are knocked down in price. Most supermarkets open up part of an isle late in the day for goods that need to be sold today at knockdown prices. Take advantage of some of these cheap offers.

Four. Eat less takeaways and eat out less. This is tough as most people love going out to eat and many enjoy a good takeaway. Prices for many takeaways have risen by 20% in the last year and many budget priced take aways are no longer budget priced. Reduce visits to takeaways and save those pounds/dollars.

Five. If you haven’t done so before, start growing fresh veg in the garden. This is WAAAY cheaper (and healthier) and can be done even if you live in an apartment/flat by using container gardening.


One. If you only use 1 room most of the day, use a 1.2kw (1200W) heater instead of heating the whole house with central heating. This WILL save money. In the UK currently (Feb 2023) A 1.2KW heater uses 41pence an hour of electricity if it has 3 bars and you use all 3. If you use just one bar, you will only be using around 13.5p per hour. Compare this with gas central heating at a cost of £2.86 an hour.

Two. Turn the temperature down on each room’s radiators and turn the boiler’s thermostat down a degree or two. Make sure you shut the door to each room as this stops heat escaping to larger spaces such as the stairs, hallway or kitchen.

Three. Wrap up warm. Extra clothing costs nothing, don’t freeze and get ill, but if the heating doesn’t need to go on and you can do with a couple of extra layers, use them. It will save money.

Four. In the UK we have Warm Banks. These are free spaces where the heat is always on and anyone who can’t afford to heat their homes during the day can go there. These Warm Banks are in libraries, churches and some other council run centres. You can stay there all day if you wish and some of these centres serve free tea and coffee. For more information click here

Here are some extra tips from the UK government that you may find useful


You can save money on petrol and diesel. Most people know that shopping around for fuel can save money, but, here are some other tips to save money on petrol & diesel consumption.

One. Combine journeys, Instead of making several short journeys in your week, try to make one long journey. The engine uses more fuel when cold so the less you keep starting the engine up cold, the better.

Two. Use less Air Conditioning. This definitely uses more fuel.

Three. Keep your tyres inflated to the correct levels. This not only helps with fuel economy but it will also make your tyres last longer.

Four. Reduce your speed. Even just driving a few miles slower than normal will help on fuel economy.

Five. At the pump, make sure you fill your tank up to the top each time. This helps save fuel as you will be making less journeys back and forth to the petrol/gas station.

Six. Check the boot/trunk. Is it full of junk?. The heavier your car is, the more fuel it will use.

Seven. Instead of using the car, could you just walk instead?. If the journey is short, maybe a trip out ot the local shop or dropping the kids off at school, could this be done on foot?. This is healthier and will save you money as we said earlier, short journeys in a car can use more fuel.

Over the last year or so inflation has risen by over 11% (UK), however if you can be creative and use some of the ideas above there is no reason why you can’t redress the balance. And when inflation comes back down again, keep using these ideas to put more money in your pocket.

Do you have a money saving tip?. Why not add it to the comments below, it may help someone who is struggling.

Have a great day.


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