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Escaping Life’s Quicksand: How To Break Out Of A Rut And Get Your MOJO Back

Life isn’t always fair. It never is, never was and was never meant to be. Unfortunately, this brief trip through life has many hazards, one such hazard is getting stuck in the quicksand. That sinking feeling of being stuck in a rut. Losing your Mojo and feeling like crap.

Why Do I Feel Like This?

Most people experience this feeling at some stage. It usually stems from lack of hope, boredom, experiencing the same old thing day after day, week after week. We feel like things will never change and we’re just treading water, we feel like we’re not really getting anywhere. Is this you?

There are two things at play here: The first is, it’s a wake up call. When you’ve hit the buffers and your life has run out of fresh ideas, it’s time for a change. And the second thing is only you can change it. If it’s not terminal, the chances are it can be changed.

Let’s face facts here. From the moment we are born, we are also dying. Yes, dying one day at a time. However, life is for living and one of the best ways to experience living is by growing. It’s a fact, you can be dying and growing at the same time. Some people are old at 25, others are young at 75, it’s your perspective on your life that really counts.

Many people just get by. There is no incentive for them to learn any more, in effect they have stopped growing and are now content to just “see what happens”. Unfortunately, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

Why just survive when you can thrive?

Getting Out Of A Rut

Step 1. The first step to breaking free from a rut is acknowledging its presence. Denial only deepens the stagnation. Accept that everyone encounters setbacks and moments of feeling stuck. It’s a part of the human experience. By acknowledging your situation, you open the door to self-reflection and positive change.

Step 2. Look to the future. Break down your larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks. Setting realistic and achievable goals provides a sense of accomplishment and helps you regain control over your life. Celebrate even the smallest victories as they contribute to building momentum. Get rid or reduce all those things that no longer serve you.

Step 3. Whatever it is you do, add something different into the mix. You don’t have to change everything at once. Start by arranging to do something different once a week or once a month. Change up your routine. Getting bored with things is a perfectly human condition, we are not designed to keep doing the same things over and over for ever more, sometimes we need to break from things. This is why people go on holiday. Travel broadens the mind.

And There’s More..

Step 4. Even positive people get bored and stuck. It’s true. I’m pretty positive, but I still get times when nothing seems to happen, or nothing seems to work. It’s a pain but I just motor through it, you should too. Being in a rut isn’t permanent, however, it will last as long as you let it. See the World for what it is, a land of opportunity. Do something different, change things up a bit, stop being predictable. Predictable people, although safe, are relatively boring… (sorry!).

Job boring you to death?, change it. You are not your job, you can do anything, be anything.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend boring the pants off you?, tell them to shape up or ship out. Don’t spend time with people who no longer serve your interests.. make new friends, there are plenty of people out there who want/need friends just like you, they want people to show them the way, share their hopes and dreams.

Listen to positive Audio & Video, there are a ton of positive videos on YouTube, spend every morning listening to 10/15 minutes of these a day, your brain needs a wake up call. If you are lacking ideas, open your mind up to reading positive books.

Do something different. Take a new class, learn a new skill, take evening classes or learn online. Travel somewhere different at the weekend, leave the car at home and take a train or bus, talk to people.

And Finally

I’ve got your back. If you’re stuck, the answer may lie within the hundreds of blog posts on this blog. Check them out. Or leave me a comment below, if I can help I will

Being stuck is not unusual, it happens all over the world to people of all ages. Life doesn’t have to be a series of boring events, you can mix it up, but most of all, enjoy it. We are probably only going to be this way once, it’s a shame to live it stuck in the quicksand. There are plenty of lifelines out there, it’s not hopeless, seek out opportunities, always be growing, that way you won’t have time to get bored, or stuck.

Here’s wishing your Mojo returns soon.


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