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The Psychology Of Winning: Unveiling The Triumph That Lurks Within Us All

When it comes to winning, we have to first decide what winning actually means. Winning, for you might be something completely different to winning for me.

This is the very first step to winning. Knowing exactly what it is you want.

People can be very indecisive on the one hand but also very brave and powerful on the other. It’s like everyone has a switch in their brain that they tend to turn on in certain moments.

Let me explain.

A Psychological Human Test

An actor was placed on a busy suburban street and was secretly filmed. He was told to act like he was in distress. Shockingly, many people just walked on by, it’s as if they didn’t want to get involved.

However, when someone did actually stop to see if the man was OK. An amazing thing happened. Others came to see if he was OK too. This tells you something about human nature, you may not like. Most people will only help someone in distress if someone has stepped in first. This experiment was carried out in several different locations over many months with very similar results.

So, here’s the thing.

We know that people will act if someone else acts. Many humans (not all) are followers, however some humans will act regardless. On a scale of 1-10 for taking action (different action) many score very low, however some are already at the 8-10 mark.

It’s more comfortable to wait for someone else to step in than it is to step in first. We seem to want social proof that it’s OK, first. Then we will act. This applies to many situations in life.

Again, I’m not saying everyone waits for social proof, but many do. The thing is, WINNING, or whatever your version of winning is tends to favor the brave rather than the follower. If you think about it, this is quite logical. Leaders lead from the front and followers follow from behind. There are very few TRUE leaders.

The Mind Hack To A Freedom Lifestyle

We tell ourselves stories all of the time, in fact, the chatter in our head never shuts up. Much of that chatter tends to be a series of self doubt, avoidance, fear, and negative self-talk, with maybe some positivity thrown in now and again. What you think about regularly can even affect your dreams so you could be producing negative vomit 24hrs a day. We mostly do this without even realizing the damage we are doing within .

The more constant negativity in your life, the more you are stressed and anxious. Anxiety and stress are powerful conditions caused by the human brain.

Here’s a way to cleanse the mind and unveil the triumph that lurks within us all:

And, NO, this is NOT “Fake It Till You Make It”… you don’t have to “pretend” you simply have to believe you are. There’s a difference.

You simply have to rewrite your story: Here’s How.

If you were an actor, your life’s work would play many parts. You would learn your lines and become that character, this may happen over several months. The best actors in the world are people who transform themselves into the part, into the psyche of that character, they become that person.

Here Are Your Lines

If you were to become that person you have decided is a winner, how would you act?. How would you speak? You see, everyone has a successful person lurking within them.

People “taste” victory by becoming it. They imagine themselves “as if” they are already successful. Success happens long before the goal is achieved or the game is won, it’s achieved off the pitch, it’s achieved in the mind first.

People who achieve great things always have a series of obstacles to cross before they get there. For some, it can be mountains. But they get there in the end. They get there by developing the skills, taking the action but most of all, they become THAT person in their mind FIRST.

We are all actors, some better than others but in order to ACT upon, you have to ACT the part. This doesn’t mean being a fake, this means growing into the part. The quicker you grow into the part, the quicker you’ll own it.

The reason most people don’t get the success they want is because they act like followers, the perso who comes to someone’s aid only if someone has already stepped in. They want, need, desire social proof for nearly everything they do. These are the people who need a sign for everything.

Social Proof is OK if you’re buying a toaster on Amazon, but it’s not much use if you’re looking for that winning trail, as most winning trails are empty… most successful endeavours are done alone.

YOU have to be the social proof..

And Finally

Don’t wait for others to act or OK what you do. Do some research then take action. Don’t tell everyone what you’re doing, if you do that they’ll all turn into experts. Decide exactly what you want, devise a plan, start to act the part, act as if and you will become.

You can’t stop someone who is unstoppable, you become unstoppable the moment you fixate on that winning goal and do everything to get it. Keep going until you get there.

Have a great day.


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