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winning in silence

The Art Of Playing Dumb & Winning In Silence

I don’t know about you but I’m not one to telegraph my life story to everyone and anyone. The reason for that is not because I have secrets, well, just a few, but because you are doing yourself a disservice when you become an open book.

Here’s why.

20yrs ago, when I first started selling on the Internet I really had no idea what I was doing, if I mentioned what I was doing, it was often met with an open mouth and a glazed look of confusion. This look hasn’t changed 20yrs later. People are still astounded and dumbfounded that you can make a living on the Internet. The facts are.. most people won’t or don’t want to believe you.

Whatever you do in life that is different from normality, it will throw people off guard and they automatically go into “well I see what you mean but I don’t really believe you” mode. You will get that glazed over look in their eyes. Being sceptical is quite normal in today’s world.

Stay Silent

The best thing is to keep it to yourself. If you find a winning way, and you will if you look long and hard enough, don’t give people the treasure map, sell them your results instead. Many people can’t be bothered to discover things for themselves, they would rather BUY the solution, it’s far easier. SELL them your solution. Don’t give away the farm for free.

Playing Dumb And Being A Dumbass Are Not The Same

Play dumb, don’t be dumb. You’ve still got to learn. Even if you go the easy route and buy a course, you still have to improve your knowledge and actually pluck up the courage and go do the thing. Money doesn’t come out of nowhere, it comes out of providing good products and services. People are quite prepared to spend 50 yrs in a thankless job but baulk at spending a year or two learning an online business.

A Dumbass, in my opinion is someone who knows what’s wrong, knows what the solution is but doesn’t do anything about it. Many people are only a paycheck or two away from financial doom and often only act when total disaster strikes. Why wait for that?, you could be doing something about that now, right now.

Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result is madness.

And finally

When you have an idea, a plan, a project, something that excites you, don’t tell everyone. Why?because everyone then becomes an expert and will proceed to tell you why it won’t work. I can’t remember the amount of projects I’ve completed whilst family (and some friends) have told me it wouldn’t work. OK, not everything worked out, but you can’t expect everything you do to work. That is dumb..

Let your success do the talking. Once you are successful at something, sell the solution, don’t give it away. People have more respect for things they have to pay for than they do for things they get for free.

Have a great day.


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  • I have figured out that the majority of the entrepreneurs out there are making most of their money not from selling products and such, but from selling what they’ve learned as courses to suckers like me, LOL!

    • I think it depends on how you look at it. Some of the courses out there are quite good, I myself learned the self-publishing business from a course. There are a lot of free videos on YouTube that you can learn from but a course puts it all in a logical order. The Internet is a bit like the Wild West, not everyone, is being perfectly honest but in any kind of business, there are always people like this and the exceptions too.