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The Mystery Of Luck: Why Some People Are Luckier Than Others

Luck, good or bad is not a physical thing, it’s simply an element of life that we can influence either in a good way or a bad way. [DISCLAIMER] There is of course a huge difference between seemingly random events you might think of as bad luck and long term or terminal illness which may have nothing to do with luck at all.

Around 5% of what happens to us can be classed as purely random, and we cannot influence it at all. The good news is, 95% of what happens to us can be predictable and can be influenced by our thoughts and actions.

Luck is often described as a combination of chance, opportunity, and timing. It’s the serendipitous alignment of circumstances that leads to favorable outcomes, whether in relationships, careers, or other aspects of life. While luck may appear random and unpredictable, there are underlying factors that contribute to its manifestation.

So, why are some people luckier than others?

The first place to look is in your daily habits. Is what you think, say and do adding or taking away value from your life?. What you think, say and do snowballs and creates other situations. Your dominant thoughts are slowly attracting what you’re thinking and turning it into a physical equivalent. Your words are also influencing people one way or another, they attract or repel people into or away from you, and your actions are either building or dismantling your future life.

Words are powerful, our lives are driven by them.

Luck can be influenced.

Being in the right place at the right time starts with a thought and a feeling, being in the wrong place at the wrong time is exactly the same. Although 5% of our lives are random, we can learn by our mistakes so we can avoid negative situations, but it’s far better to learn from other people’s mistakes. That way we are not present in that mistake.

People who are considered “lucky” tend to be positive thinkers. I’m not saying positive thinking alone is everything you will ever need, but it does help. A positive person tends to have better health, less mental and physical stress and they seem to react better to situations that don’t always work out.

According to Dr. Albershaving an optimistic mindset and believing you’re lucky will make it more likely that good things will happen. That’s because if you think something is possible, you tend to take actions to make your thoughts a reality.

Having an active life can also influence luck. People who tend to socialize, look forward, plan and take action tend to be happier overall than people who spend most of their time either at home or work. Work can be good for the soul but spending too much time doing work you don’t like, is definitely not.

So, how can we influence our luck?

Step 1. Ask yourself “what am I attracting?” Some people always choose the wrong partner. They are comfortable with a certain type of person, but, does this mean they are the right type for you?. If you are continually being disappointed by people, question your choices. Sure, you can make mistakes, but don’t keep repeating the same ones.

[SIDENOTE] Expecting too much from people often ends in disappointment.

Step 2. Unlucky with money?, never have enough?. Question your spending habits. Is your income less than you need?, do you spend more than you earn?. Unfortunately this is quite common. Many people are only 1 or 2 pay checks away from total financial disaster. If you always spend less than you earn, you’ll always have money. If you constantly spend more than you earn you’ll never catch up.

Suggestion. Keep track of your finances and cut out unnecessary spending. Look for other better paid work or learn and create a side hustle. Relying on one source of income is crazy these days. 60% of Americans run a side hustle alongside their job, only 35% of people in the UK do the same, although this is increasing year on year.

Step 3. Look forward instead of looking back. Many people wake up in the morning living in the past. Their past mistakes are often being played over and over in their head as soon as they get up. This is not a good way to live. The regret and sadness of past mistakes will continue to haunt you if you keep giving them space in your thoughts. The past is gone, it’s over. To increase your good luck, forget the pain of the past and start concentrating on making the future better. Sadness and regret will not improve your luck.

And finally

The universe rewards those who are relentless. Hard times are a part of life. People often make the mistake that we shouldn’t fail and that failure is a sign of weakness. In fact, failure is just the opposite, it’s a sign that you are trying. You need “X” amount of failures before you achieve success in anything. GFailure is part of life, it doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

Feel the pain, fail, but don’t live there. Fail until you succeed. Humans are very resilient beings, we are incredible people. We can make pain disappear, we can attract wealth and positive situations into our lives just by using our brain. Humans have pushed themselves far beyond their perceived limits for centuries. Remember this:

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right

Henry ford

Although some of us like to blame our current circumstances on “bad luck”, other things are usually at play here. “Inertia” is one of the biggest causes of bad luck. Life, the World, people etc are all on the move, staying where you are may seem a safe idea, but in reality not risking anything and thinking you’re safe is a risk in itself. Calculated risk makes the world go round, if no one ever risked anything no one would ever create anything. Your life has been improved by other people’s risks, but also can be improved so much more by your own.

Have a great day.


P.S Manifesting good luck takes work, it’s not for the work shy. This book can help

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