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CRUSH Self Doubt: How To Silence The Enemy Within

Get out of your own way. Yes, YOU!!!

I have news for you. No one did it to you. Your environment didn’t stop you, your low bank account didn’t stop you, the Government didn’t stop you. YOU did..

Let’s be honest, we all suffer from self-doubt from time to time, even the most confident looking people suffer from it now and again, BUT, they don’t live there, they don’t let it stop them.

Overcoming self-doubt is a freeing experience. It starts with self-talk. Your inner dialogue is quite happy to tell you “you can’t do it”, you have to reverse the speech by telling yourself you can, over and over. You can’t catch all the thoughts that enter your mind but you can start to change the tone of the speech by feeding in more positivity.

Turning the default from negative to positive will take a little while but it can be done. Remember, these self doubt thoughts may have been programming you for a long time, you have to eliminate all the negative garbage around you by replacing it with positive thoughts, messages and friends.

No one has to stay where they are right now. Self-Doubt only exists in your mind, although people see it as a real thing (like fear), it’s not physically stopping you. YOU are stopping you.

Eliminating Self-Doubt, Will It Change Your Life?

I think you know the answer to that, of course it will. You don’t have to become a “YES” man or woman and say yes to everything, but, be prepared to view things differently. Ask yourself, what is all this self-doubt and negativity getting you apart from heartache and a 2nd class life?. For too long, people have been on “hold”, doubting their ability to shine, so they let others do it instead and watch others win and get all the glory.

Glory, doesn’t come to the shy, it comes to the bold, and inside every one of us is a bold person waiting to get out. The problem is, self-doubt, that ghost that lives within is often there telling you “don’t be stupid, you can’t do that”, “you’re not good enough” and a whole lot of other BS that we tend to believe from time to time..

Don’t listen to the voice. It’s all a big lie. We lie to ourselves constantly. In truth, we are just as good as anyone on the planet. We all have some characteristics that people love. We all have some talents within, they may not be musical talents, but talents they are.

A single mom bringing up kids alone has a talent. It takes great skill to be a single mom.

In truth, we are shaped to a degree by the society around us, from the very people we hang around with, to the TV we allow into our heads to program us. Many people’s rhetoric you can hear blasted all over Social Media, often leaning towards hatred that often first comes from the TV news.

TV news although not always correct often brainwashes people into believing the World is coming to an end, and people often fall for it. The media rely on fearful readers or watchers to be constant subscribers.

To Be Or Not To Be

Hamlet had a pretty gloomy outlook on life, his “To Be Or Not To Be” rendition was a reflection on his own life, should he face life’s hardships head on or end them by dying. This drastic way of looking at things is not recommended as we can overcome most of our problems simply by re-framing the way we look at them. Life itself is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we look at what happens to us.

Human beings are often their own worst enemies as they tend to believe the voice within and the negative voices without. Negativity is like a scourge in our society, leaving positive thinkers to most of the spoils. Self beleif is essential as no one believes in people who don’t beleive in themselves.

Brain candy is the talk we feed ourselves. It’s either bitter or sweet, or bittersweet, meaning: being at once bitter and sweet. especially : pleasant but including or marked by elements of suffering or regret.

Self doubt is really the bitterness that stops us achieving our goals, it prevents us showing the world our talents and living a full-on life. Self-Doubt is like the boogey man under the bed at night, he doesn’t exist but we make him real by giving those thoughts, legs. In truth self doubt is a 2nd class ticket to nowhere.

How To Crush Self-Doubt Today

Whenever self doubt creeps in, search for proof. Who says you can’t?, are there other people out there in this world doing your “thing?” Are they better than you?, truthfully? 99/100 times, if your inner doubt wasn’t lying to you, you could be out there doing the “thing” Impossible is really I’m Possible in disguise.

Seeing self-doubt for what it is and recognising that you can pretty much do anything in this life if you set your mind to it will give you a place to start. Self-doubt is often someone elses opinion of you that ends up being expressed as your own. Stay away from doubters, the world is full of them. Enjoy the value of positive people, they are worth their weight in gold.

Take a long hard look at your friends. Are they posting crap on Facebook everyday telling the world how bad it all is?. Ditch them, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

And Finally

If it’s out there and someone’s doing it, you can do it too. My strong advice to you if you have any feelings of self-doubt is to chunk each task down into bite-size chunks, take the first step and get motivated from just that first step. The more you end up doing, the farther you will be throwing self-doubt from your life, but you have to take the first step. That first step will give you a little more confidence so that you can take the second step and so on and so on.

Eliminating self-doubt will free yourself. Life is meant to be both explored and lived to the full. We get 70 or 80 years (if we’re lucky) to do the things we love. Don’t waste them giving in to the ghost of self-doubt. Self-doubt creates people living in 2nd class. Always aim to live 1st class.

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  • Great article! Self-doubt is one of the biggest success crushers on the planet as far as I’m concerned. Once you start down the road of self-doubt, it can be hard to reverse your thoughts. Best not to go there at all 🙂